How can we achieve diverse, equitable and inclusive volunteering? Learn more in this exclusive teaser for the Let’s Talk Volunteering” podcast.

Does this sound like you? You or your organisation want to embrace diverse and inclusive volunteering, but you’re not sure where to start?

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Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in society and be valued for who they are as an individual – Janet Irvine

This month’s episode of the “Let’s Talk Volunteering” podcast series, presented by Dr. Ben Hillier, is all about inclusive volunteering.

And today, we’re giving you a sneak peek. Check it out:

The Expert

Sharing her expertise on inclusive volunteering is Janet Irvine.

Currently the Manager of SSI Diversity Training, she has worked with Settlement Services International for over 15 years, sharpening her expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion.

She previously gained experience as the Project Officer for Learning and Development with the Department of Family and Community Services NSW, among other roles in the community sector.

Volunteers bring a whole range of experiences…that enable us to get that different perspective – Janet Irvine

The Topics

This month’s episode answers:

  • What is diverse, equitable and inclusive volunteering?
  • What are the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusivity?
  • What are the barriers and how can we overcome them?
  • What are practical steps we can take towards diverse, equitable and inclusive volunteering?
  • How can we be more culturally aware?
  • What happens if we make mistakes?

We’re all diverse…Diversity and inclusion at work benefits everyone – Janet Irvine

The Spoilers

Can’t wait for the full episode to air? Check out these takeaways on inclusive volunteering to tie you over:

Colourful paper hands create reach for planet Earth, circle planet Earth, and form a heart in a representation of diversity, equity and inclusivity.

  • An openness to change and an understanding of the value that everyone brings are key to diversity and inclusion.
  • While you might not be able to change everyone’s minds, you can change their behaviour.
  • Being able to recognise power dynamics and avoid assumptions are powerful steps towards diversity, equity and inclusivity.

At the end of the day, we have to look at the person in front of us – Janet Irvine

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