IMPACT100 Sydney North is a community of people seeking to transform lives in Sydney by awarding high-impact grants.

IMPACT100 Sydney North is offering at least one major grant of $100,000 each year. The aim is to raise additional funds so they can also give smaller Merit Award Grants. They give to non-profits and social enterprises working in the Greater Sydney region.

They are looking for projects that:

  • meet a compelling need
  • demonstrate high impact
  • make a measurable difference.

Grant Focus

Following a survey of IMPACT100 Sydney North members, ‘young people at risk (up to 25 years)’ was overwhelmingly selected as our grants focus area. It was felt addressing the issues of young people was the best way to stop more problems down the track. In 2018 we focused on ‘children and young people at risk’. For 2019, we are expanding our focus to more specifically include parents/families. This encompasses key areas of need such as domestic and family violence, women’s shelters, refugees and asylum seekers, disability, homelessness, poverty, alcohol and substance abuse and mental health.

However, these are only examples, and are not intended to limit the scope of applications. Children, young people, women, parents, families can be at risk, in need and vulnerable in many ways.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Applications close 26 June. 

For more information and to apply click here.