The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a plan to develop a National Anti-Racism Framework. The Framework will be a long-term, central reference point to guide actions on anti-racism by government, NGOs, business, educators, health professionals, police, other justice authorities, civil society, and the community.

The purpose of a National Anti-Racism Framework is to provide a long-term, central reference point for the implementation of anti-racist standards and initiatives. A National Anti-Racism Framework would provide guidance to government, organisations, businesses, and communities on how to address racism and the role they can play in preventing it in Australia.

Feedback from consultations and submissions highlighted overarching principles for a framework to incorporate, as well as three key cross-cutting themes and three sector-specific themes to shape a framework. The report also highlights some of the existing good practice anti-racism solutions being undertaken across the nation.

The Commission undertook more than 100 consultations in 48 locations around the nation. 164 public submissions were received nationwide, including a significant portion from individuals.

Following the National Anti-Racism Framework Scoping Report published in December 2022, this new initiative will be a national point of reference for anti-racism action.

Find out more today: the community guide can be downloaded here.