Examples of Inclusive Volunteering

Understanding how to be inclusive is a key step for an organisation looking to make a difference. By embracing diversity, you also embrace a wider range of skills, ideas and perspectives, allowing you to increase your community impact.

So, what are the steps towards becoming inclusive? These organisations have some of the answers:

1) Settlement Services International (SSI)

Learn the basics of diversity, equity and inclusion with Janet Irvine of Settlement Services International.

In this episode of Let’s Talk Volunteering, she answers:

  • What is diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Why is diversity, equity and inclusion important?
  • How to implement diversity, equity and inclusion?

For foundational knowledge in how to be inclusive, listen to the episode today: https://tr.ee/SR7o5NXYr8

2) CASS Care

A diverse workforce is a great strength, but it can come with challenges.

In Let’s Talk Volunteering, Ivan Wong of CASS Care answers:

  • How to break down age gaps?
  • How to break down cultural gaps?
  • How to bring people together in the workplace?

For practical insights into managing a diverse team, tune in today: https://tr.ee/bjHeJW8oxT

3) Inclusee

There is no single answer for how to be inclusive. Everyone and every organisation has different needs.

In the Local Legends podcast, Vicki Mayer of Inclusee discusses the organisation’s innovative approach with a completely virtual volunteer program.

For a case study on inclusive volunteering in action, check out what she has to say today: https://tr.ee/mgLD0sURjT

Still not sure how to be inclusive?

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