Today the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) released its annual healthcare performance report Healthcare in Focus.

People’s use and experiences of mental health care in NSW

Extract – Foreword

‘Many Australians will experience a mental health issue at some stage of their lives, and almost every Australian will experience their effects through a family member, friend or work colleague. Caring for people who experience mental health issues is a major focus of health services in New South Wales (NSW). Mental health services are currently undergoing major reform and improving care for people with mental health issues is the subject of significant investment.

In previous years, Healthcare in Focus has taken the form of a compendium-style report that endeavoured to provide a broad overview of healthcare performance in NSW.  For this ninth edition, the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) is proud to use its unique position and expertise to support a growing public interest in mental health services. For the first time, we are looking at the performance of the NSW health system through a specific lens – the use and experiences of health services by people with lived experience of mental health issues.

Mental health issues are complex. Likewise, the mental health care system in NSW is complex and involves a variety of providers delivering services across a range of settings. While this report cannot be a comprehensive analysis of whole-system performance, it represents an important first step in BHI’s performance reporting in this space.’

Read the full report here.