In Australia, only 41% of adults have the health literacy levels needed to make positive and informed health choices. It’s why we seek to support health-focused charities which work to improve the health literacy of Aussies. The nib foundation believe that through improved health literacy, people will have the information and skills they need to adopt healthy behaviours and positive lifestyle choices.

About the grant

We will support registered Australian charities that specialise in health promotion and primary prevention, and have a track record of engaging and empowering people to be Health Smart in their everyday lives. Preference will be given to initiatives that are inclusive and relevant for youth and young adult audiences.

We believe supporting people to make good decisions will positively impact their health and wellbeing, and reduce modifiable health risks in their lives. Therefore, successful projects will draw on a strong evidence base to build health literacy, helping people to access, understand and use health information.

A funding pool of $320,000 will be distributed to six successful grant recipients who will each receive $40,000 in grant funding. A ‘Peoples Vote’ will also be held during the grant period, where two of our six grantees will receive an additional $40,000 in funding as voted by nib members and the wider public.

To support our intention of building strong and meaningful partnerships, the duration of the grant is flexible.

Funding Priorities

Our Health Smart Grants fund the delivery of health promotion and primary prevention initiatives which work to improve health literacy, and help people develop the understanding and skills they need to adopt healthy behaviours.

Far too many people in Australia die prematurely or live for many years with suboptimal health related to prevalent chronic illnesses. These chronic diseases often share the same and multiple risk factors.

As such, our priority prevention areas target risk factors that are modifiable and have the potential to prevent ill health including:

  • Healthy habits – reducing smoking and harmful drinking, gambling, gaming, or screen-time
  • Wellbeing – maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle through physical activity and healthy diet
  • Mental health – raising awareness and promoting the value of self-care, healthy relationships, peer support and social connections
  • Sleep – promoting the importance of sleep as a protective health factor and helping people establish good sleep habits
  • Maintaining health – pre-emptively managing prevalent health conditions and risks

And, we’re interested in initiatives that satisfy one or more of the following:

  • Facilitate access to quality, reliable, current and targeted health information
  • Are informed by evidence to achieve health promoting behaviour change
  • Utilise effective and emerging digital health promotion techniques
  • Translate new evidence into practice in a way that is practical, scalable and sustainable
  • Operate within a strengths-based philosophy to empower and encourage good health
  • Improve the environment, culture, awareness or attitude surrounding a risk factor or health condition

Our ideal partner

The suitable Health Smart Grant partner will have:

  • A focus on one or multiple health vulnerabilities or risk factors experienced by Australian youth and young adults which impacts their health
  • Established reach and target cohort engagement to communicate their health promotion messaging, content and projects
  • A track record of delivering core services and preventive health initiatives that produce positive participant outcomes
  • An online presence that successfully engages the target cohort
  • Strong governance and leadership with organisational alignment to the funding priorities

Applications open 1 June and close 30 June.

For more information visit the nib foundation website here.