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Is your team looking to participate in volunteering opportunities?

The Centre for Volunteering has a matchmaking service matching groups of volunteers with opportunities our not-for-profit member organisations. We have an array of volunteer opportunities to suit groups and individual volunteering in areas such as youth, environment, aged care, social welfare, animal welfare and sport.

We are a fee-for-service program and have several packages to suit your organisation’s volunteering needs from one-off events, annual programs to skilled volunteering opportunities. The Centre for Volunteering will help your organisation to establish and improve your volunteering program through our many opportunities

The Centre is being contacted by an increasing number of corporations wishing to engage their employees in volunteer activities. Their aim is to assist their community and demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility.
These organisations have both large and small teams willing people who are happy to take on a big or small job and they don’t mind getting their hands dirty! The average activity lasts for half to one full day for groups’ sized five people and up. So much can be achieved!
Using its extensive knowledge and links with the NFP community, The Centre matches these corporations with a suitable NFP partner/s and facilitates their employees to volunteer their time in a structured way with measurable outcomes.
We need your help to meet the increasing demand! Do you have a large job that you need volunteers to complete, for example?




The Centre for Volunteering can provide feedback and statistical information to your Organisation and our Community Partner.



Be noticed and recognised for your Organisation’s community work by getting out and assisting our Community Partner Members. Improve your Organisation’s community awareness, involvement and understanding.



Enahnce your groups communication, morale and team working skills whilst contributing back to the community in which your Organisation operates.



Is your Organisation interested in volunteering activities but need some help to start the program?
The Centre for Volunteering can conduct a survey of your staff to determine your employee’s interests and passions. This information can be gathered by a combination of survey and focus groups.


We can tailor a program for your teams or individuals with many of our community partner projects. (The fee for this service varies according to the number of projects and individual volunteer needs).




Group Volunteering clients and supporters of The Centre for Volunteering will receive our e-newsletter The Voice to keep informed on goings on within The Centre and the volunteering community.

The Centre for Volunteering will also keep you informed about various networking events, symposiums and conferences throughout the year which may be of interest to your Organization.




All our Supporters and Group Volunteering clients have access to a range of training opportunities such as ‘Bridge to Volunteering’, Volunteer Management courses and other seminars.


Please note that Bridge to Volunteering runs throughout the year for individual volunteers. However, tailored programs from groups or any other training course for your specific requirements can be negotiated for a fee.




Our group volunteering application form and supporter form can be found on Please contact the Member Services team to discuss our fee for service program on 9261 3600 or email us at for more information and package options.



Why become a supporter?

Our Supporters are the friends of The Centre for Volunteering and recognize the work that we do to enhance volunteering in our community. Leave a legacy by supporting the volunteer sector