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The volunteering sector offers so much support to our communities. Now, with funding opportunities available to organisations like yours, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to get the support you need.

Check out our monthly guide on grants and sector resources for the coming months:

Grant Funding

  • Disability

    • Disability Representative Organisations: does your organisation provide systemic advocacy for Australians with disability? If so, then check out this grant opportunity providing $10.208 (GST exclusive) over 2 years. Open until Monday 27 November.
    • Individual Capacity Building Grant: funding of up to $90 million will be available for one-off projects supporting access to peer support, mentoring, self-advocacy and skills building for people with disability, their family, and their carers. Open until Thursday 30 November.
  • Domestic Violence

    • Safe Places Inclusion Round: grants are available for the renovation, building or purchasing of emergency accommodation for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence. Open until Tuesday 14 November.
  • First Nations Justice

  • Migrant

    • Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Program: this funding opportunity is designed to empower migrants with the knowledge they need to participate in their community. The focus is on building independence, self-agency and wellbeing. Open until Wednesday 6 December.
  • Social Impact

  • Volunteer-Involving Organisations

    • 2023-24 Volunteer Grants: if you’ve been nominated by your Federal MP, you can now apply for grant funding that helps support your volunteers, the inclusion of vulnerable volunteers, and increases participation in volunteering. Open until Friday 24 November.

Upcoming: Funding Opportunities

Our Services

If you need support beyond funding opportunities, we’re here to support you. No need is too big or too small, so get in touch and make the most of our resources today. Here are just a few:

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