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February 8, 2019
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February 12, 2019

City of Sydney Grant Submission Training

Connect Sydney is a City of Sydney program aiming to build the capacity of community organisations through free skills and governance training. The program also provides an opportunity to network and share experiences with other community organisations.

A session on grant submission training, delivered by Our Community, will be held on February 27.

If you’re responsible for fundraising in your organisation and want to improve your knowledge and skills in writing successful grant submissions, this is the training for you.

This training provides a rundown of all 6 areas of fundraising: grants, events, membership, sales, donations and sponsorship. You’ll learn the secrets to secure funds more easily and win more grants for your community organisation.

Topics include:

  • how to plan for funding
  • how to ask for money – most people that donate  cash or in-kind give because they have been asked. Learn how to successfully ask for money using a range of mediums
  • how to raise secure, unattached and predictable income – untied money to use for your group’s own priorities and decisions
  • how to run great events – eliminate loss-making, energy-sapping events for good
  • how to rally the troops – instilling a fundraising culture in your organisation
  • how to get business to support your community group – the secrets to successful, and profitable, community-business partnerships
  • how to ensure sponsors get what they expect
  • the best way to present your proposal – tell the story of your project and your group to get the greatest advantage
  • planning for grants in a practical and easy  process
  • how to develop your statement of need – choosing data to support your project proposal
  • how to develop an organisational template – save time in writing applications and create a corporate memory that can be passed on
  • how to humanise your story – presenting a compelling picture.

Register here.

Places are limited to 2 people from each organisation and priority is given to community organisations operating in the City of Sydney local area. You need to register for each training session separately.

The training sessions will be held in accessible buildings. The City of Sydney aims to deliver inclusive and accessible training sessions so everyone can participate.  If you have any accessibility or communication enquiries, please contact Martin Warren,, policy and program development officer at the City of Sydney, to discuss further.