If you’re a younger Australian (12 – 25), the Australian Government wants to hear from you as they develop their youth engagement strategy.

The new Youth Engagement Model will improve how we work with young people now and into the future. With no two young people the same. Young people have unique experiences that shape them, creating diversity in its many forms. The youth engagement strategy will recognise this diversity and its value.

The new strategy will also recognise First Nations young people and involve them by following the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, acknowledging that they are best placed to design and deliver services for their communities.

The Government wants to know how we can best support young people to contribute to the important decisions that are shaping their lives. This paper is for young people, and anyone interested in the issues that affect young people.

How to have your say

If you are aged 12-25, there are lots of different ways you can have your say. You can respond in writing, with a short video, a picture, a poem or artwork. You are also invited to have your say at one of our face-to-face or virtual discussions.

To get involved, you can attend a consultation, fill out a short survey or respond to their discussion paper.

For more information, check out the Office of Youth website.