The Office of Responsible Gambling has released its latest research scoping report: The Gambling Research Summary 2020-21 (June 2022). The report is the third in a series commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF.) The results of the study will inform the Responsible Gambling research, programs and services.

The report provides a review of Australian and international gambling research published between January 2020 and September 2021. It aims to map Australian and international gambling research undertaken since the beginning of 2020.

The report summarised research findings about what’s new in gambling research, highlighting key findings, gaps, opportunities and implications. It identifies the need for more community-level research on gambling prevention and self-management strategies, as well as evaluations of existing gambling programs and interventions. New research areas, such as the role of emerging technologies in gambling behaviours and help-seeking, are also identified. 

Read more: Go to the research page to learn more about this report, to download the report findings and the full report.