Volunteer Stories and Testimonials

Do you have an amazing volunteer whose story you would like to share with our community? We are running a campaign to share dedicated volunteers’ stories with our readers.

We are always interested in spreading the message of not just how volunteering helps the community but also how it helps volunteers.

Do you want to tell us your volunteer story? Please include: Why did you decide to volunteer? Why did you choose this particular organisation? What do you enjoy most about your role and volunteering?  Email your story, details and a photo to membership@volunteering.com.au and we will get in touch.


Norm Hams 

Volunteer Referral Service interviewer 

The Centre for Volunteering

Brian Elliott

Member and Client Services Representative

The Centre for Volunteering


Isaac Kuruvilla

Hospital volunteer

The Starlight Foundation


Kim Langston

Visitor experience and collections volunteer

Murray Art Museum Albury


Sally Wilton

Aged care visitor

Hammond Care


Linda Bunting

Aged care visitor

Hammond Care


Denise Tierney 

Front Desk Reception

The Centre for Volunteering 




In Memoriam

 John Forrest – Volunteer Referral Service interviewer at The Centre for Volunteering 
The Centre lost one of its own valuable volunteers when John Forrest passed away on 12, October 2017. John was in his 15th year of volunteering with The Centre and worked as a Volunteer Referral Service Interviewer. He also volunteered for other organisations, including The Children’s Hospital. Staff and volunteers will remember him as a treasured team member who had a genuine interest in getting to know people, a quality which made him a wonderful interviewer. Everyone at The Centre for Volunteering enjoyed working with him and remembers him as a friend who will be dearly missed.