Reinventing Corporate Partnerships – Pitching to Large Corporate Partners.

This full day workshop will:

  • Provide clear strategies to help you stand out to corporate partners
  • Help you shape new and powerful engagement models
  • Give you access to senior leaders to test your ideas
  • Prepare you to unlock opportunities in large companies

For the overwhelming majority of registered charities, getting a slice of the $8 billion worth of money, goods and services that large Australian businesses hand out each year can be both daunting and complex.

There are more than 50,000 registered charities in Australia; however more than 40,000 of those will not have the resources or capabilities to form strong, long term community partnerships with large businesses.

There is a huge opportunity to work with large companies and to partner with big brands, engage with thousands of employees and grow your charity’s presence in the wider community.

The challenge is knowing how to grab this opportunity.

Large companies are generally difficult to approach. They have complex needs and often have long term plans do engaging with them means you need a more strategic approach that is linked to their plans and being able to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes.

This is where having insight on how large companies operate and what makes them tick is critical.


Facilitator: Daniel Murray has spent a career working in strategy and consulting for some of Australia’s biggest organisations. He most recently ran the IAG Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the largest insurer in the country.

Through this experience, Daniel has a deep understanding of what large companies want from community partners and how to design, develop and pitch engagement programs that cut through.

In his workshop, Daniel helps charity professionals understand how to develop plans and strategies, identify opportunities; and to develop a pitch to large companies.

Not only will you build a first draft of your pitch, but Daniel brings together a panel of Senior Leaders from Australia’s leading companies to hear your pitch and provide real feedback so you can continue to build better Corporate Partnerships in for your organisation.

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