Strong Mothers was founded following many years of research to provide much needed support for pregnant Aborginal mothers at RPA pre-natal Clinic and continuing to work with them for up to six years to build a solid foundation on which to raise their infants.  This iniative has the approval of Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW.

Many of the young Aboriginal mothers who join this program have suffered trauma from growing up in homes with drug or alcohol addiction, domestic violence, poor role models and poor education. However, they also possess strengths learned from their families, extended families and history.

Strong Mothers builds on these strengths to develop their self-confidence as mothers.  The program is about attachment and bonding between mother and infant, and their emotions during the stages of pregnancy and infancy, toddler, preschool to school age.

The program transforms these young mothers’ lives by working with them each week in small groups of 4-5 with specialists to address their individual needs and circumstances. Training offered by the Strong Mothers team includes formulating good and sustainable diets for families, speech therapy assistance both pre and ante natal periods, and maintaining connections to cultural heritage through various art programs, and much more.

The program works on values, between the mother and the professional, of mutual respect, awareness of the meaning of attachment and bonding, as a part of the relationship process, which facilitates mirroring this relationship between mother and infant.

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