The Australian Government 2022-2023 Volunteer Grants support the work of local community organisations by enabling the inclusion of vulnerable people and promoting awareness to increase participation in volunteering.

To ensure that community needs are a key focus, each Federal Member of Parliament (MP) will Expressions of Interest from eligible organisations in their local communities. The grants are available nationally to organisations who have up to 40% volunteers. Please check if you meet the criteria.

Funding is available for new equipment, like a laptop and software or training costs, transport for volunteers with a disability, volunteer engagement and furniture are some examples.

You can apply for funding projects between $1000 to $5000. EOI forms must be submitted by COB Friday 16 September 2022.

This year’s Volunteers Grants criteria has some positive changes – you do not need to be incorporated. You do need:

  • a bank account in the organisation’s name and have one person as the primary contact and assume legal liability and responsibility for the delivery of the funded activity, including completion of appropriate paperwork in the defined timeframes
  • a minimum of 40% volunteers working for your organisation
  • to be a not-for-profit organisation
  • to be willing and legally able to enter into a grant agreement.

Please contact the office of Tanya Plibersek MP on 9379 0700 if you need any assistance.

Download EOI and submit before 16 September.