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7 Lessons from 2020: Managing Future Changes

February 25 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

2020 was a year of ‘unprecedented’ change. What has changed for you and how do you navigate the complexity that is now our ‘new normal’?

February 2020 Volunteer Management Forum 

2020 was a year of ‘unprecedented’ change. At the end of last year, most of us were crawling to the finish line with the hope that 2021 will be different, or even back to normal. But what is normal now?

As we launch into 2021, what are you doing differently in your change efforts as a result of 2020? What has changed for you and how do you navigate the complexity that is now our ‘next normal’?

Join us on 25 February 2021 on Zoom as Louise Geoghegan from FOLD7 shares ‘7 lessons from 2020’ that can shape how we manage future change in the year(s) ahead.

Our Presenter:  Louise Geoghegan , Co-Founder , FOLD7

Louise Geoghegan’s expertise lies in change, leadership and communication consulting.

Louise has cofounded her business, FOLD7, as a bespoke change consulting company that helps guides organisations and their people through change.

Rather than focusing on what is changing, FOLD7 helps prepare and support organisations, their leaders and their people who are impacted by change. They ensure that people are the central focus in any change – because when your people are at their best, you’ll get all the outcomes you’re after.

Louise ‘fell’ into change, and what struck her the most was that the way organisations managed change often meant their people were an afterthought. And yet, in most changes, outcomes generally rely on people doing things differently. She believes that change can be done in a more respectful way.

Louise knows the role that leaders play is vital in helping people and organisations move positively through the disruption of change.

A country girl at heart, her down-to-earth style comes through in everything she does. Most of her spare time is spent cycling and researching where to find the best coffee in Sydney.

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