What is VIRA?

Quite simply put, VIRA is a volunteer management software and database of volunteers.

Built by volunteer co-ordinators, for volunteer co-ordinators, VIRA simplifies and streamlines every facet of volunteer management from recruitment and administration, to mobilisation, reporting and enhancing the volunteer experience.

Almost 10,000 organisations across Australia use VIRA/VIKTOR platforms across Australia to manage and maximise the impact of hundreds of thousands of volunteers and enhance the volunteer experience.

The main function of VIRA is to make entering, updating, and keeping track of your volunteers’ information as easy as possible. Any volunteer that exists in the VIKTOR database and is linked to your organisation as a volunteer can be managed using VIRA.  Because VIRA is a single source of truth it allows volunteer managers to track, plan and mobilise volunteers seamlessly and the information can be accessed anywhere and anytime with its cloud-based functionality.

If you want to save time, reduce admin and free up yourself and your volunteers to do more good, we encourage you to get in touch at vira@vol.org.au or visit www.vol.org.au for more information.