Matched funding programs and initiatives are designed to create a more sustainable and financially supported cultural sector.

The program will support arts organisation, independent artist or artistic group by offering matched funding to maximise fundraising efforts, boost revenue and connect with audiences more effectively.

For an arts organisation

Find out about Plus1. Plus1 supports not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations to develop and run more effective fundraising campaigns, boost their fundraising skills and secure new backers.

For an independent artist or artistic group 

Find out about MATCH Lab. which supports artists and artist groups to build fundraising skills, increase knowledge of philanthropy and arts partnerships, develop broader arts business experience and create sustainable sources of revenue into the future.

Creative Partnerships Australia’s funding programs are supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts.

Read more about the Creative Partnerships Matched Funding program on their website.   

Applications close: 14 August 2019.

Information on a range of other grants and funding opportunities can be found on our website.