Refugee Week (running 18 – 24 June) offers an opportunity to stand beside refugee communities, whose importance cannot be overstated.

With the 2023 theme of Finding Freedom, we are invited to consider what freedom means and how we can be part of achieving it for everyone. Consequently when people of all backgrounds, abilities and locations feel a sense of identity, purpose and belonging, they are motivated to volunteer. The Refugee Week theme has a number of important functions:

  • It raises awareness of the issues affecting refugees. The theme aims to highlight aspects of the refugee experience and help the broader community to understand what it is like to be a refugee.
  • It helps to make Refugee Week a national celebration. The theme provides a focal point for events across Australia, uniting separate activities into a single nationwide celebration.
  • It promotes harmony and togetherness. The theme unites individuals, communities and organisations from many different backgrounds behind a common cause.
  • The common theme is a reminder that, regardless of our differences, we all share a common humanity.
  • It broadens the impact of Refugee Week providing s a common, cohesive message helping to maximise the effectiveness of awareness-raising activities.

Refugee Week Theme – Finding Freedom

Freedom includes living without fear of war. Additionally, it ensures that our basic rights are respected. Equality without persecution is crucial too. Every day, countless people seek safety and freedom. They embark on risky journeys across the globe. Some choose Australia, others different nations. New opportunities emerge for them.

In 2023, we strongly encourage organisations and individuals to utilise the resources and tools available on our website. Let’s demonstrate compassion. Let’s celebrate the resilience that unites our diverse community. After all, freedom shouldn’t be a mere request; it should be a way of life.

Multicultural Resources

Our Multicultural Volunteering Report is available in various language translations. Our Multicultural Volunteering Report, available in different language translations. It serves as undeniable evidence of extensive community participation. People from different cultural backgrounds are included. This report highlights contributions from individuals who have experienced or are experiencing refugee status.

Find out more how you can get involved on the Refugee Council of Australia website.