Free Volunteering Workshop

Volunteering is good for you and your community. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn and develop new skills and gain valuable work experience while supporting others.

Are you just starting your Volunteer journey?

If you’re interested in supporting your community but are not sure where to start our free introductory webinar ‘Bridge to Volunteering’ is for you.

What is it?

Bridge to Volunteering is a free, weekly seminar for new volunteers.

This workshop will cover topics including:

  • What is volunteering and what is a volunteer?
  • The benefits of volunteering
  • The rights and responsibilities of volunteers
  • What you should consider when looking for a volunteer role
  • How to find a suitable volunteer role, and
  • Volunteering opportunities

Bridge to Volunteering is suitable for:

  • People who have never volunteered before
  • People who have done some volunteering but want a more comprehensive introduction to volunteering, and
  • People who are new to Australia and have not volunteered here

When is it?

Workshops are held weekly on Fridays from 10.30am- 12.30pm.