The 2019 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year Award recognised the enormous contribution that older people make across the state, according to Sarah Richards, the Chief Customer Officer at Australian Seniors.

Australian Seniors joined the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards in 2019 as the major sponsor for the Senior Volunteer of the Year award. Australian Seniors is committed to helping Australians over 50 years of age with their insurance needs.

Ms Richards said their support for the NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year Award was a natural fit for Australian Seniors.

“At Australian Seniors, we know that many of our senior community volunteer for different types of organisations, so we felt it was important for us to support the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.”

Our research indicates that over eight in ten seniors believe that a social legacy is more enduring and important than leaving a financial legacy. It also shows that 89% of seniors donate money to charitable organisations and 64% volunteer within their community.”

The NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year Award recognises this valuable work. Australian Seniors is proud that its support for the awards can help highlight this important contribution.

Australian Seniors has congratulated the 2019 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year Seventy year-old Abla Tohamy Kadous for being an outstanding advocate for women in her local community.

Australian Seniors is looking forward to seeing even more nominations for this year’s awards and being able to celebrate the work of Australia’s senior community.  

About Australian Seniors

In October 2018, Greenstone opened the doors to the first Australian Seniors retail store, providing a personal touch in the provision of innovative, quality and affordable insurances for Australian seniors.

Australian Seniors now has two locations in New South Wales, at Lake Haven Shopping Centre in the central coast, and at Castle Towers Shopping Centre in Castle Hill.

The stores also have a community program called Supporting Seniors. Running through its retail operations, the program encourages local community members to cast votes for two local community groups on a quarterly basis. A donation of either $1,000 or $500 is awarded to participating groups with the goal of enabling these organisations to continue their work within their community. Nominations can be made in-store at Castle Hill or Lake Haven.