The NSW Government assists low income and disadvantaged households with energy bill stress through the Appliance Replacement Offer.

The Appliance Replacement Offer reduces the upfront cost to eligible customers by 40-50% when upgrading their old fridge or TV with a new energy efficient model, saving up to $200 a year on energy bills.

To be eligible, customers must:

  • be a NSW resident
  • hold one of the following valid concession cards:
    • Pensioner Concession Card
    • Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card from Centrelink
    • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card
  • own a fridge six years old or older, and want to replace it; or
  • own a plasma or cathode ray tube (CRT) television and want to replace it.

How do you apply?

  • Complete the online application form at or call 1300 601 795 for assistance.
  • Choose from a selected range of energy efficient fridges and TVs.
  • Receive a 40% discount on a fridge or 50% discount on a TV through The Good Guys (selected models).
  • The new appliance will be delivered and installed and the old one removed and recycled. The Good Guys will deliver anywhere across NSW for a reduced delivery fee and prices for long distance deliveries are capped.

Note: Some households may sit outside the eligibility criteria but are vulnerable to energy bill stress. For more information visit

For more information visit the Energy NSW website.