The lululemon Centre’s Here to Be grant targets organizations fostering well-being equity in systemically impacted populations. This year, the lululemon Centre plans to fund organizations that bolster planetary health, thereby enhancing our collective well-being.

Organizations can apply for general operating support up to $50,000 USD. The amount requested cannot exceed more than 40% of an organization’s operating budget. If selected, our Donor-Advised Fund at CAF America will handle grant administration and disbursement.

Organizations best suited for the Here to Be grant are those removing barriers to well-being in their communities. The lululemon Centre recognises that ‘to be well’ means different things to different people and communities, leading to a variety of organizational approaches to this work. Different approaches include expanding financial accessibility, offering culturally sensitive programming, building community-driven solutions, or advocating for systemic change.

The lululemon Centre’s goal is to seed and accelerate grassroots organizations, offering optional well-being and leadership programs. The lululemon Centre aims to welcome approximately 50% new grantees into our Here to Be community annually.

Since 2021, the Centre has granted $21.8 million USD and partnered with hundreds of non-profit organizations, to support over 5 million people around the globe in connecting to their own sense of well-being.

2024 Here to Be Grant | Applications Now Open

Here to Be invests in global community resilience, supporting inclusive well-being organizations. The lululemon Centre advocates universal wellness. Their Here to Be Grant, providing up to $50,000 USD, aids organizations combatting systemic inequity through well-being accessibility and inclusion.

Applications close Friday 30 June. Find out more on the lululemon website.