Today the 2023 State of Volunteering Report is released which delves into the status and the economic and social value of volunteering. Significantly, the 2023 NSW State of Volunteering Report, unveiled ahead of International Volunteer Day (5th December), sheds light on volunteering trends within the state.

Furthermore, the report’s findings hold transformative potential for the NSW volunteering sector. Specifically, it provides:

  • Assessment of volunteering’s social, economic, and cultural impact on NSW, encompassing volunteers, businesses, government, and community.
  • Detailed socio-economic data guiding stakeholders in strategic resource allocation.
  • Benchmarking tools to evaluate volunteering outcomes in NSW, essential for assessing future performance and strategic shifts.
  • Analysis of volunteering outcomes in NSW, crisis impacts, and participation barriers.
  • Data-driven insights aiding informed decisions by The Centre for Volunteering, government, and key organisations.

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Key Findings of the Report

The 2023 State of Volunteering Report identified some key information, including:

  • 4.3 million people (63.7% of the NSW population) volunteered in 2023,
  • 70.7% of people under the age of 25 are involved in volunteering,
  • Volunteering brought a total value of $178 billion to the NSW economy.

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We have already used the report findings in our submission for the Not-for-Profit Sector Development Blueprint and we welcome recent initiatives like the NSW Volunteering Strategy 2020-2030 and NSW Volunteering Charter as a reflection of the importance of volunteering in NSW.

As advocates for the volunteering community, we utilise insights from the Report, ensuring decisions align with your best interests.


The 2020 State of Volunteering Report, a research initiative we conducted, aimed to deepen our understanding of the sector and volunteering’s social, cultural, and economic effects on our communities.

The 2023 report continues the project, paving the way for deeper analysis. To compare the results we do have, check out the 2020 Key Findings to see the sector’s progress by comparing current results.

Thank You

As your go-to for all things volunteering, your priorities are our priorities. Our research and advocacy efforts are enriched by your insights; thank you to all contributors to the Report.


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