2023 NSW Volunteer Team of the Year Announced

Congratulations to the 2023 NSW Volunteer Team of the Year: Bear Cottage Volunteer Team.


The Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice provides care to children and families on respite. On any given day, the workers are supported by a team of up to 10 volunteers, who dedicate their time, skills and energy wherever it is needed.

Our volunteers are always there to pitch in whenever they are required. The impact on any given day is immeasurable – Nominator


The Bear Cottage Volunteer Team assist with a breadth of roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Daily functions, which add up to:
    • 5,000 loads of washing,
    • 1,500 visits to the sensory room,
    • 14,000 prepared meals,
    • Over 1,000 books read to children,
    • Over 3,000 pieces of art,
    • 600 hours of administration work.
  • Community engagement, which adds up to:
    • Over 600 hours writing biographies,
    • 1,000 kilometres driven to pick up families from across Sydney and the surrounds.
    • Hundreds of end-of-life photographs,
    • More than 100,000 gifts wrapped.

These are just some of the contributions of the Bear Cottage Volunteer Team. The list, and impact, of their achievements is endless.

Our volunteers work in a palliative space, which means they are often surrounded by death and dying. You would think this would make it a hard place to be, but the presence and the energy they bring assist everyone – families and staff included- to overcome emotions and obstacles that could become overwhelming – Nominator

2023 NSW Volunteer Team of the Year

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