2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The Centre for Volunteering proudly supports the global celebrations for the United Nations’ 2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This year, the theme of “United in action to rescue and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for, with and by persons with disabilities,” speaks to the importance of including persons with disabilities at all levels.

People of all abilities are motivated to get involved when it comes to giving back to the community. Our 2023 State of Volunteering Report revealed that volunteering is the largest workforce in the state, and it’s important that we enable everyone to participate.

Organisations like Blowfly Cricket are a great example of how fostering inclusion and accessibility within your organisation can do the same for the broader community. We spoke to volunteer, Julie Davis, to share her experiences:

Meet Julie Davis

I left the workforce at 65…After 2 weeks, I was bored and decided I would become a volunteer and do something positive.” – Julie Davis

Julie Davis, Blowfly Cricket VolunteerWhen long-time volunteer, Julie Davis, retired, she sought volunteering as a meaningful way to spend the time. After reaching out to her local community centre, she found a role at Mary Macs, cooking and assisting homeless people with lunches.

One year later, Julie Davis was volunteering with Blowfly Cricket Australia, the all-abilities sport that transforms the beloved Aussie pastime into a rewarding experience for the whole community.


For 2023 International Volunteer Day, we’re celebrating Julie Davis’ story. Read it now:

Read Julie’s story

I was amazed at the diversity of volunteering work…[At Mary Macs], I met the loveliest volunteers and homeless people.

2023 International Day for Persons with Disabilities Resources

People with lived experiences with disability offer unique perspectives that are vital to the work we all do in the volunteering sector. If you’re unsure or want to deepen your knowledge around inclusive volunteering, we’re here to make your life easier.

Access these free online resources to help you foster accessibility in your organisation with confidence:

  • Understanding Disability
    • A beginner-friendly guide developed by People with Disability Australia, with definitions, relevant issues, effective communication and more. Read now.
  • Engaging People With Disability
    • An easy-read resource on nurturing an inclusive volunteer team. Read now.
  • Becoming an Inclusive Volunteer Mentor
    • An eLearning on general insights and strategies for a diverse and inclusive work environment. Learn now.
  • Buzzing About Blowfly with Mark Rushton
    • A heartfelt conversation with the Founder of Blowfly Cricket, Mark Rushton. Listen now.
  • Volunteer Manager Help Desk
    • A helpline of experts ready to help you foster inclusive volunteering while meeting best practice. Reach out now.