Clementine Hartson

ProjectKindness Incorporated, Sydney City / Eastern Suburbs 

The support she offers vulnerable people makes them feel valued and more connected with the community. Clem believes that vulnerable people should have easy access to goods and services like the rest of the community.” – Nominator

A passionate advocate for stronger, more connected communities, Clementine has a background working in child protection and adult mental health. Through her extensive experience working with vulnerable children and adults, Clementine realised that many lived in a bleak world. To brighten up their surroundings, Clementine began by donating beautiful photos and colourful artworks to group homes, inspiring and delighting their grateful inhabitants. From this thoughtful gesture, ProjectKindness was born. Four years on, it has grown into a vital and thriving community service in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Through ProjectKindess, Clementine tirelessly works to improve the day-to-day lives of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged community. She does this by facilitating access to care and support services, including providing a platform for caseworkers and agencies to obtain food and household items for their clients, creating opportunities for social contact and interactions, and much more. Notably, ProjectKindness offer its services seven days a week, with goods and services regularly delivered on the same day a request is made.

The impact of Clementine’s voluntary work is reflected in the day-to-day lives of the people she serves – from helping struggling adults put food on the table to providing children with shoes to wear to school. Her work helps everyone in the community feel seen, cared for and valued.

To learn more about ProjectKindess, visit their website.