2009 Awards Winners Group

Winners of the 2009 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award were announced at a gala ceremony on Friday, 4 December 2009, at Sydney’s Parliament House. NSW Minister for Volunteering, the Hon. Graham West, presented the Awards.

2009 NSW Volunteer of the Year Liz Mullinar

Hunter Valley resident Liz Mullinar AM has been named 2009 NSW Volunteer of the Year for her work to ensure that survivors of child abuse have somewhere to heal.

Liz Mullinar of Quorrobolong, envisaged, founded and funded Mayumarri in the 1990s in the Hunter Valley. Mayumarri is unique in that people can stay at low cost and learn to live, not like a victim and recover in a rural surrounding.

She organised the building of the healing centre, developed the program, facilitates the process and has developed the educational programs for carers and facilitators.

Ms Mullinar was awarded the title by the NSW Minister for Volunteering Graham West in a ceremony at Parliament House on Friday, 4 December 2009, to mark International Volunteer Day (Dec 5).

Her nominator, Pamela Kilduff describes Ms Mullinar’s efforts as:

“She gladly and willingly pursues any avenue to help survivors help themselves to heal. The whole concept and function is innovative and speaking out helps others to acknowledge these victims need to be recognised.”

2009 Senior Volunteer Of the Year Thea Batterham

Inverell resident Thea Batterham has been named the 2009 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year for her contribution to raising funds for cancer patients and for New England Volunteer Air Transport.

Thea holds regular garage sales events, well known in the town because of her preparation work. Thea thoroughly prepares the items for sale by cleaning, repairing and (in some cases) scrubbing them, so most items she collects tend to be sold.

As secretary of the local Camp Quality branch, which helps children and families suffering cancer, she also sets up amen manages street stalls on a regular basis.

The State judges agreed with the recommendation of her nominator, Heather Rose, who says:

There are some people who are always there for people in need and Thea is one of the first to the door.

2009 Youth Volunteer of the Year Hayden Zammit

Hayden Zammit of Broken Hill in Orana / Far West region has been a fundraiser for Camp Quality since the age of nine, and there’s nothing he doesn’t know about a sausage sizzle! Now just 15, Hayden organises family fund days and gains business donations through a letter writing campaign for his favourite charity.

Hayden Zammit has been a fundraiser for Camp Quality since the age of nine, and there’s nothing he doesn’t know about a sausage sizzle!

Hayden has raised more than $10,000 for the charity to assist children and their families living with cancer. He organised on his own two family fund days in 2007 and 2008, and gained business donations through a letter writing campaign

Hayden is also a committee member for the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life team.

The State judges agreed, with his nominator Maryann Zammit, that:

“Hayden is very dedicated to the Cancer Council and Camp Quality and believes the little money he raises will help someone living with cancer.”

2009 NSW Employee Volunteer of the Year Nigel Dearinger

Nigel Dearinger is an employee volunteer from the I.N.G Ignition Mentoring Program, where a volunteer adult mentor is matched with a teenager with cerebral palsy. This program develops a meaningful relationship between the two people who choose to participate.

The ING employee engagement policy entitles every permanent employee one paid day of leave each year to volunteer.

Needless to say, Nigel goes way above and beyond that and his nomination form has 11 yes’s when it says way beyond expectations.

Each fortnight between March and December, Nigel volunteers an hour and a half plus attend two five-day long ski trips equalling some 300 hours in the past 2 years.

Nigel’s Nominator, Jackie Curnow of The Spastic Centre says:

“From the very first it was obvious Nigel was going to be an enthusiastic volunteer who would meet the challenges of communicating with teenagers and holding a sustained meaningful conversation head on.”

2009 NSW Volunteer Team of the Year Timehelp Holroyd

The 26 volunteers that make up the Timehelp Holroyd volunteer team have been awarded the inaugural 2009 Volunteer Team of the Year Award for their work in helping schools programs and mentoring students

The Volunteer Team of the Year Award is a new category which incentivises groups or teams of people who make a special contribution to the not-for-profit organisations they represent.

The team was created in 2007 and each week the 26 retirees dedicate 2 hours each helping wherever is needed within the schools program and supporting special learning

The State judges agreed with the recommendation of their nominator, Lisa Kingman who says:

“The most important aspect of Timehelp Holroyd is that they are leading by example and have developed processes and structures that can be shared.”