Learn about Volunteer Management Trends for 2018 and download 2018 Volunteer Management Progress Report now.

WHO took the survey?

More than 1,200 leaders of volunteers participated. They represent all kinds and sizes of organisations and causes including nonprofits, government agencies, associations, congregations, and businesses that involve volunteers in communities.

WHAT does the survey cover?

The goal of this state of the industry survey is to paint a better picture of today’s volunteer management professionals while taking into account their organisational characteristics, resources, location, etc.

  • The top challenges for today’s volunteer administrators in their own words (see pages 34-35 & quotes throughout)
  • How volunteer coordinators rate their level of support from co-workers (see pages 38-40)
  • Whether or not the diversity of today’s volunteers align with the communities they serve and whether intentional volunteer diversity and inclusion is common (see page 41)
  • Whether we could establish retention benchmarks for short-term, long-term, and project-based volunteers (see pages 36-37)
  • How the job salaries and number of volunteers engaged compares across organisations of different sizes and types (see pages 27-32)
  • How volunteer managers compare their work, satisfaction, and intent to continue in the field (see pages 17-21, 22-26, 42-44)