April 20, 2017
May 11, 2017


Now more than ever we need to invest in volunteering, because safe and effective volunteering does not ‘just happen’ and it is not free.

Volunteering support services across Australia currently share around $7million Federal Government funding under the Strengthening Communities grants program.  In the upcoming budget the Government is planning to cut this dedicated funding source to these organisations.

Volunteering support services are capacity building organisations that underpin the ability of volunteer involving organisations – large and small – to provide front line services to the community.

The Centre for Volunteering and the 27 community based volunteering support services across NSW are the #towerofstrength  upon which more than 2 million NSW volunteers and volunteer involving organisations rely to help them help our community.

Volunteering helps create strong and resilient communities: The VSS networks provide social infrastructure and increase the number of people empowered to volunteer and ensure their experience is positive.

The Centre’s CEO, Gemma Rygate, has met with Federal and State representatives to advocate for the importance of this funding to NSW volunteering support services.

“At a time when demand for volunteers is growing the Federal Government’s proposal to remove this dedicated funding is very worrying,’ Ms Rygate said.

“In meetings with representatives across all parties, I have found overwhelming support for the work of volunteer support services. I am confident that if we all speak up within our communities and to the Government they will listen to our concerns.”

“I am hopeful that dedicated funding for volunteer management can be reinstated.”

This link will take you to an external website “Volunteering Australia” who is running the online campaign – your data will not be shared with any third parties and only used for the purpose of this petition. Download a PDF printable form and get your friends and family and neighbours to sign! Send it back to us at the centre via email (scan) or post ASAP to:

VSS Petition

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