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Are you looking for useful websites, reports, research and articles on volunteering? Browse our collection of useful links:

Volunteering in Australia

GoVolunteer is an initiative of Volunteering Australia and is Australia's first recruitment website. It is a not-for-profit site that provides free Internet advertising for not-for-profit community organisations looking for volunteers.

Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV)
ICV is a not-for-profit organisation providing Indigenous Australians with new skills. Communities, organisations or individuals identify their skill needs. ICV then matches volunteers to address those needs. Volunteering with ICV is not only about skills transfer, it's about mutual learning and cultural exchange. Skills transfer projects can lead to employment, self- employment and improved options for the Indigenous people involved.

School of Volunteer Management
The School of Volunteer Management (SVM) is The Centre for Volunteering's Registered Training Organisation providing skills, management and leadership training to the not-for-profit sector throughout Australia. The School is committed to assisting organisations and individuals to maximise their potential through the provision of high quality education, training and consultancy services on volunteer management and general management issues.

Seek Volunteer
Seek Volunteer is a non-profit initiative designed to bring volunteers and the organisations seeking them together. Volunteer opportunities are updated daily and all organisations have been qualified by Volunteering Australia's associated state centres. Seek Volunteer is a free service to approved non-profit organisations.

Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia is the Australian national peak body on volunteering. Its role is to represent the diverse views and needs of the volunteer movement while promoting the activity of volunteering as one of enduring social, cultural and economic value.

Volunteering ACT
Volunteering ACT is the peak body for volunteering in the ACT region. It represents the interests of all community volunteers, and of all those who work with volunteers. It is a membership based, not-for-profit organisation. Membership is available to not-for-profit organisations involving volunteers, to individuals and to organisations interested in volunteer effort.

Volunteering Qld
As the peak body for volunteering in Queensland, Volunteering Qld exists to encourage people to participate in volunteering; to enable volunteers and volunteer involving organisations to develop the structure, skills and capacity to better the quality of volunteering for the benefit of the community; and to engage in advocacy and policy development with government, other institutions and organisations on issues relevant to volunteering.

Volunteer Resource Centres in NSW
Volunteering NSW has put together a complete list of all Volunteer Resource Centres in NSW, with their contact details.

Volunteering South Australia
Volunteering SA provides an extensive range of services, support and resources for volunteers and volunteer organisations. It is involved in Special Events and regular activities that recognise and promote volunteer effort. It also offers a range of publications that provide guidance, reflections and advice on topical volunteer management issues, and training for volunteer managers and for volunteers.

Volunteering Tasmania
Volunteering Tasmania's core business is: promoting and advocating for volunteering, its recognition and its principles; providing information on appropriate volunteering options; and providing appropriate education, training and consultancy on volunteer involvement.

Volunteering Victoria
Volunteering Victoria Inc. is the peak body representing the volunteer movement in Victoria. It provides a range of services to individuals in the community who are interested in volunteering and to organisations who involve volunteers.

Victoria's Volunteering Portal
Victoria now has a new resource to help volunteers find volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering Western Australia
Volunteering Western Australia is the peak body in Western Australia for volunteering. It provides a voice to Government and also to the national body Volunteering Australia. Volunteering Australia in turn provides the voice for issues that impact on volunteering across Australia.

Volunteering Overseas

AusAID's VIDA Program
VIDA (Volunteering for International Development from Australia) is Australia's newest international volunteer program. VIDA places skilled Australian volunteers in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region. VIDA volunteers work with local staff to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development in the communities in which they work through skills exchange, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

Australian Volunteers International
Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is Australia's largest and most experienced international volunteer sending agency. Every year we recruit, prepare and support hundreds of Australians who volunteer to live alongside people of other cultures and work towards the sustainable development of communities.

Global Vision International
Global Vision International (GVI) was formed in 1998 to provide support and services to international charities, non profits and governmental agencies. Through our international network of over 100 personnel in over 30 countries GVI continues to support many of the most critical conservation and humanitarian projects around the globe. Make a difference to some of the world's most critical conservation and community projects with Global Vision International. Join challenging expeditions as diverse as marine conservation in Mexico and the Seychelles, community development in Mexico, high altitude exploration in Patagonia, and wildlife conservation in the Amazon, Costa Rica, South Africa and Kenya. Or volunteer with GVI's partner organisations in over 15 countries – work with indigenous communities in Guatemala and Ecuador, protect turtles in Panama, teach in Nepal, help with Gibbon rehabilitation in Thailand, plus many more. Field work placements, internships and jobs in the field are also available.

i-to-i Australia
i-to-i help more than 5000 volunteers annually, to make a significant and on-going difference at over 500 locally run projects in 25 countries throughout the developing world. The projects they work with give individuals the chance to participate for 1–24 weeks with community development, wildlife, building, teaching, conservation, sports coaching and work experience programs. While there are no requirements for volunteering on any of i-to-i's projects, you need to be prepared for just about anything and come with an open mind! Short term volunteer work is a very rewarding experience, particularly for those who are time poor, but want to give something back.

"The highlight of the trip was working with orphans in the orphanage, although they had nothing they were the happiest and most loving kids that I have ever met. They did show that material goods are not the total sum of existence. Yes, dollars are important but love and caring are of a much greater importance." Jeff Bilszta traveled to Tanzania with i-to-i.

International Student Volunteers (ISV)
ISV offers a unique combination of Volunteering and Adventure travel. Since 2002 over 13,000 university and high school students have volunteered over 1.3 million hours to assist areas of conservational and humanitarian need around the world through ISV. ISV's programs are a well balanced combination of volunteering and cultural adventure travel, providing students with the opportunity to volunteer in projects ranging from animal conservation, such as elephants, turtles and dolphins, to ecosystem rehabilitation, to children's education and community infrastructure building. This is followed by extensive travel throughout participants host country on an eco-adventure tour like no other.

"I have NO regrets. I went outside my comfort zone, pushed my boundaries and loved every moment over the entire 4 weeks. I not only discovered a whole new way of life, but I learnt a lot about myself as well." J Buttigieg, Bede Polding College

International Volunteers for Peace (IVP)
IVP is the Australian group of Service Civil International (SCI), a worldwide non-government organisation promoting peace and justice through voluntary work. IVP organises volunteering projects in Australia around worthwhile community needs and causes. IVP also provides a gateway for Australians to participate in over 500 diverse work-camps all across the world. For more information visit www.ivp.org.au

Palms Australia
Since 1961, Palms Australia has been recruiting, preparing, sending and supporting volunteers to meet the needs of requesting communities. Palms Australia prioritises building the relationships with its partner communities which are necessary for achieving sustainable development. Palms volunteers usually spend approximately two years in placement working alongside local staff in Asia, the Pacific and Africa, sharing their skills and building lasting relationships.

Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad organises voluntary work placements overseas in the developing world. The placements are based in community projects and include working with disadvantaged children, outreach programmes, teaching English and working on conservation and sustainability projects. This work is carried out across Asia, Africa, South America and in parts of Eastern Europe. The placements are flexible from one to twelve months and offer the opportunity to live as a local with a host family while having a constructive role within the community. All ages are welcome on the projects; commitment, the ability to rise to a challenge and a sense of humour are the most valuable qualifications.

Real Gap Experience
Real Gap are the UK's largest gap year travel company. Launched in Australia in 2010, Real Gap offer a wide and diverse range of travel experiences in over 30 countries. Whether you want some time out before starting uni, or you are looking to take a career break or sabbatical, Real Gap offer volunteer projects that will make a real difference to people's lives. If you don't have a year to play with, don't worry. Real Gap experiences are from 1 week in duration – perfect if you're looking for a more rewarding way to spend your annual leave.

World Youth
World Youth is a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political volunteer organisation offering people over 18 the opportunity to help alleviate global poverty and travel in a meaningful way. It has programs in countries including Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos and Peru! You can embark on a project in the areas of primary healthcare, education, sustainable environment and income generation. You don't need any qualifications – just compassion, commitment and dedication. Join World Youth for the adventure of your lifetime!

Youth Challenge Australia
Youth Challenge Australia is an Australian-based, non-profit, non-government organisation that actively engages Australian youth in community identified projects. Since 1992, YCA has mobilised young volunteers to assist the growth of sustainable and positive development both internationally and in Indigenous Australia. YCA recruits and trains volunteers to support projects in Indigenous Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, India, and Vanuatu. Projects range from 5 to 10 weeks and leave at various times throughout the year.

"The bond that grew between the community, the group and myself will be a lifelong lasting friendship. In the last two months I have been away I have felt that as a person I have grown and the only downside is that I wished I could have stayed for longer! Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to go back." Luke Duffield, Guyana 2009

International Volunteering

Giving and Volunteering Canada
GivingandVolunteering.ca was developed by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy in concert with Volunteer Canada. It is designed to provide you with the statistics and resources developed from the 1997 and 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (NSGVP).

Hong Kong Agency for Volunteer Service
The Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1970. Its vision is to play a practical role in building a civil society and caring community through the promotion and development of volunteering.

New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations
NZFVWO is an active network of social service organisations in New Zealand. They provide a unique opportunity to be involved with strengthening community services and increasing the influence and power of the sector.

United Nations Volunteers
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program is a UN organisation supporting human development globally by promoting volunteerism and by mobilising volunteers. It is administered by UNDP and operates amidst growing recognition. Volunteerism makes important contributions, economically and socially, to more cohesive societies by building trust and reciprocity among citizens.

Volunteering Canada
The Canadian voluntary and not-for-profit sector is made up of more than 180,000 organisations, 6.5 million volunteers and 1.3 million paid staff. Use Volunteering Canada to find out the facts and trends, read the latest research, learn about national events, search the directory of organisations, find answers to your questions and more.

Volunteer Centres Ireland
Volunteer Centres Ireland (VCI) is the national organisation with responsibility for developing volunteering in Ireland nationally and locally. VCI is a membership organization. It was established in 2000-1 by the volunteer bureaux then in existence to co-operate and network on any issue related to best practice in the operation of volunteer centres and volunteering.

Volunteer Development Agency - Northern Ireland
The Volunteer Development Agency is Northern Ireland's volunteering site, offering information and advice on how to get volunteers, or become a volunteer, in Northern Ireland. The site provides training, news and legal advice for people wanting to volunteer.

Volunteer Development Scotland
Scotland's centre for volunteering wants to learn about the 'Volunteering Landscape' of Scotland, and serve within an international context as the National Centre of Excellence to appreciate and maximise the positive impacts of volunteering on individuals, groups, organisations, communities and society. The website has forums and online discussions, news and events listings, and information for volunteers and volunteer organisations in Scotland.

Volunteering England
England's leading volunteering site provides information to help volunteer organisations, and assistance to anyone wanting to volunteer in the UK.

Volunteer India
The People's Institute for Development and Training (PIDT) is an action research institute focusing on realising humane, sustainable and egalitarian societies. The website features news about issues facing India's volunteering community, and also includes a registration service for volunteers and organisations looking for volunteers.

Volunteering Ireland
Volunteering Ireland passionately believes volunteers can change the world. As a national volunteer development organisation they work to inspire, promote, support and celebrate volunteering in all its forms. Volunteering Ireland has been a leader in developing and building structures of support and infrastructure for volunteering in Ireland since 1997. The National office engages in a wide and comprehensive range of activities in all aspects of the development of volunteering and provides a high standard of training and support to the sector all over Ireland. Volunteering Ireland prides itself on its strong local program through the Dublin City North Volunteer Centre from which they offer supports and services at a local level and pilot new initiatives. Volunteering Ireland main work areas and commitments include: advocacy, research, social inclusion, organisational development and infrastructure development.

Volunteering Latin America
If you are looking for volunteering opportunities in Mexico, Central or South America then look no further ... Volunteer Latin America is an informative gateway to hundreds of environmental and humanitarian organisations throughout the region that provide a source of affordable voluntary work and internships.

Volunteering New Zealand
Volunteering New Zealand is the national peak body for volunteering in NZ, incorporated in 2001. Their mission is to promote and publicise Volunteering in New Zealand and to support members independent of the sector in which they operate through lobbying and direct support.

World Volunteer Web
The World Volunteer Web supports the volunteer community by serving as a global clearing house for information and resources linked to volunteerism that can be used for campaigning, advocacy and networking. It allows the community to meet, share resources and coordinate activities to mobilize volunteer action in support of the Millenium Development Goals.

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