Post Christmas Blues? Start the year with momentum and clarity.

Our guest blogger, Andrew Pepar shares his ways to get the most out of 2017 for those who give the most – our volunteer managers & co-ordinators

Through the last part of 2016 and over the Christmas break I’ve heard so many people at various parties and work functions talk about a common set of challenges with their careers, their lives and their work.

  1. They lack energy and are struggling to keep up with the demands of work and life, which can have an impact on your closest relationships, your health and your happiness
  2. They have little clarity about what they want in their future career or what they want from the next 12 months at work. This stops them from succeeding and progressing as much as they’d like.
  3. They have a groundhog year or treadmill feeling. This means you start the year on a low base and often struggle to get momentum going before Easter
  4. Are doing more but achieving less. Which means you stay busy but aren’t doing the most important activities that achieve the results or future you want

The combination of these can leave you with little motivation for the year ahead.161125-pb-hustle-and-bustle_1920x1080-v-1-0

And without motivation and a future plan, we stay stagnant and stuck.

You matter.

And Your 2017 Matters.

So why not commit one hour of your time and attend a webinar that The Centre of Volunteering will be holding, where I will do my absolute best to make this a brilliant year ahead.

How do you ask?

I’ll run through three foundation principles that will help you gain momentum for the year ahead:

  1. 161125-pb-2017calendar_1280xFoundations First – you can’t achieve success or change the world without having your health and happiness foundations in place
  2. 12 Month Clarity – start with the end in mind. Develop a picture of the future which will enable you to decide what is most important at work and in life.
  3. Developing a Work/ Life Rhythm – develop it, how to put it in place, how to have the discipline to stick to it.

The way I coach and teach is 40% teaching and 60% doing.

I will offer you time during the webinar to implement these strategies for yourself.

If you want more energy, less busy-ness, more focus and clarity – take the first step now.

Andrew will be running his webinar twice so choose the date that fits with your schedule!

Sign up to for either January 31 or February 7 webinar and start 2017 on the right foot.