Gemma, has over twenty-five years’ experience as an executive, manager, consultant and facilitator across both public and private sectors. Prior to taking up the role as Chief Executive Officer of The Centre for Volunteering, Gemma held the position of Executive Director, National, of the Institute of Public Administration Australia from July 2011 to January 2014.

Throughout her career Gemma has been actively involved in business and educational administration. She spent many years as Department Head in secondary education and she has worked as an educational consultant for Company B Belvoir and the Sydney Opera House. She has facilitated workshops ranging from Ethical Decision Making to Public Sector Administration, for groups locally and abroad. Gemma has been involved in assessment, convening and managing a state wide assessment team for over 10 years, as well as acting as a volunteer in Cambodia for more than 10 years.

Along with her IPAA National role, Gemma held the position of Manager, Business Development for IPAA NSW and Manager of the Public Sector Management Program for NSW. Gemma has extensive experience in leadership and financial management, and a special interest in project management and strategic planning.