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August 3, 2015
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September 1, 2015

Member spotlight: Beehive Industries, Darlinghurst

Our Volunteer Referral Service is always a hive of activity so it was fitting that one of our VRS volunteers visited a new member, Beehive Industries, to help them fill volunteer roles.

Judy Schneider from the VRS team accepted an invitation from Beehive Industries’ CEO Brendan Lonergan to see what the organisation did first-hand.

Brendan Lonergan, CEO Beehive Industries front left (kneeling)

Brendan Lonergan, CEO Beehive Industries front left (kneeling)

“I’ve known about The Centre for years and joined this year to get help filtering volunteers for vacant positions,” Brendan said

“I recently advertised for a volunteer production person on my own and got 150 applications in four days. I had to read every one of them which took me away from running the business.

“I figured it would make the VRS’s job easier if they saw what we do and how we do it first-hand.”

The Centre’s Judy Schneider was impressed with Beehive’s set-up and volunteer management.

“The organisation is a warehouse which provides mailing, packaging and warehouse services to clients,” Judy said.

“The organisation’s primary purpose, though, is to support the elderly, disabled and others by providing opportunities for them to take part in social activities and volunteering.

Judy said that so far she has successfully referred volunteers for two volunteer roles at Beehive Industries – for an administration role and an IT role.

“The IT volunteer is particularly fantastic,” Brendan said. “He’s a uni student who wants to improve his English and he works so fast. All our volunteers do such a great job.”

Judy’s next job is to help Beehive Industries recruit a Volunteer Event Co-ordinator. Keep up the great work Judy!