Office of the Children’s Guardian – Principles for Child-Safe Organisations released for consultation
April 11, 2017
Earn your Foundations of Directorship Certificate
April 12, 2017

Launch of the Child Safe e-Learning Package

Professor Stephen Smallbone

Representatives from The Centre for Volunteering were invited to attend the Launch of the Child Safe e-Learning Package by the Office of the Children’s Guardian on Tuesday 11 April.  With the support of Government and their partners, this is a free resource available to anyone, anywhere which is designed to be used as a training vehicle as well as a reference tool for all those who work to protect children in their workplace.  The package is not designed to replace current training, but rather increase penetration throughout NSW and beyond, as well as complement the face to face training that they conduct.

The e-Learning Package is split into 7 modules which are designed to cover the main areas of the training they currently undertake.  It is hoped that this training initiative will go a long way to ensuring that organisations have the necessary knowledge and tools to keep children safe.

You can register for the E-Learning package using this link   –   There is also more information on their website

This is a very valuable resource for our member organisations.

Member Relations and Client Services Team

The Centre for Volunteering