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Unselfish youth
By World Volunteer Web and The Centre

Young volunteerThey were dubbed as selfish and materialistic youngsters focused only on their needs.  But statistics dispute this notion. Worldwide, young people volunteer 2.4 billion hours annually, for example, working with the environment and animals, with not-for-profit organisations in graphic design, web design and other professional areas and helping in community centres.

Read the Youth Helping America report Adobe PDF Building Active Citizens: The Role of Social Institutions in Teen Volunteering.

The Centre for Volunteering is working to engage youth in volunteering through our Student Community Involvement Program (SCIP) and Volunteering Makes a Difference (VMAD) project.

SCIP is a community development program that actively promotes and increases student participation in their local communities through volunteering opportunities. It encourages proactive youth with greater tolerance, understanding and community awareness.

SCIP can be used by schools, clubs and community groups that involve young people. This program benefits the voluntary organisations by increasing their pool of volunteers and, in turn, increases young people's personal and vocational skills, future employability and social connection to their community.

Both the Mazda Foundation and Matana Foundation have supported The Centre for Volunteering in order to develop the pilot program Volunteering Makes a Difference (VMAD) for young for young people at risk who could benefit from volunteering in a positive and supported environment. Our project will identify and assist volunteering organisations to provide a range of opportunities for young people with mental health issues in the juvenile justice system.

To find out more about youth volunteering, SCIP and VMAD please phone Jacinthe Brosseau on 02 9261 3600 or email jbrosseau@volunteering.com.au

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Read the report Adobe PDF Building Active Citizens: The Role of Social Institutions in Teen Volunteering
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