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2008 National Volunteering News Archive

December 2008

Volunteering Australia welcomes new nonprofit leadership body
23 December 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia CEO, Cary Pedicini, has welcomed the initiative to create a new nonprofit sector leadership body following a meeting of 50 sector leaders in Canberra. "Volunteering Australia has agreed to work in collaboration with other nonprofit sector agencies to take a leading role in this initiative". Read more

The New Volunteer Workforce Report
15 December 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
Not for Profits rely heavily on volunteers but most CEO's do a poor job of managing them accord to US experts. And as a result more than one-third of those who volunteer in one year do note donate their time the next year – to any Not for Profit. The claim comes in a newly published report in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Read more

Voluntary sector must embrace carbon reduction
15 December 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia CEO, Cary Pedicini, has called on Australia's 5.4 million volunteers to get behind the Federal Government's Carbon Reduction Scheme announced by the Prime Minister today. "This is all about the future of our world and this initiative by the Federal Government deserves our support," Cary said. "Australia's volunteers have already shown their commitment to making the world a better place by their willingness to freely give their time. Volunteering Australia will embrace this call for carbon reduction and we urge all volunteers to look at ways they can help reduce carbon pollution." Read more

Layne Beachley awarded NSW Volunteer Ambassador of the Year Award
5 December 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Layne Beachley, the most successful female surfer of all time, seven-time world champion, and Founder and Chief Executive of the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation, has been awarded the inaugural NSW Volunteer Ambassador of the Year Award. ABC Radio host, Adam Spencer, announced Layne's Award during the 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Ceremony at Parliament House today, International Volunteer Day. Layne accepted the Award via video as she is currently in Hawaii. Read more

New South Wales Volunteer of the Year announced
5 December 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Ashfield resident Shu Fen Wang has been named 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year for her work over the past 10 years with the West Region Chinese Association. She has been actively involved in a number of efforts to assist Chinese migrants in Western Sydney become more accustomed to and involved in Australian life. Ms Wang was awarded the title by the NSW Minister for Volunteering Graham West in a ceremony at Parliament House today - International Volunteer Day. Read more

Narrabeen Resident is 2008 NSW Senior Volunteer
5 December 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Narrabeen resident Lorraine Clark has been named as the 2008 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year for her contribution over the past 18 years to the Special Olympics program. She was awarded the title by the NSW Minister for Volunteering Graham West in a ceremony at Parliament House today - International Volunteer Day. Lorraine has a long history of contributing to her community through involvement with children's services, surf life saving, youth programs and disability support services. Special Olympics provides year round sports training and competition for people with an intellectual disability in a variety of Olympic type sports. Read more

Barrack Heights Teenager is 2008 NSW Youth Volunteer
5 December 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Barrack Heights resident Krystle Marsh has been awarded the 2008 NSW Youth Volunteer of the Year Award. Krystle has worked as a volunteer in several organisations such as the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Australian Red Cross, and has just completed Year 12 at Warilla High School. She was awarded the title by the NSW Minister for Volunteering, Graham West, in a ceremony at Parliament House today - International Volunteer Day. Read more

Optus Wins 2008 NSW Corporate Volunteer Award
5 December 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Optus' IT Commercial Director, Karen Carmichael, and Optus have been recognised for mobilising an exemplary Employee Volunteering program at one of South West Sydney's priority funded schools, Lurnea High School. They have been awarded the title of 2008 Corporate Volunteer of the Year by the NSW Minister for Volunteering, Graham West, in a ceremony at Parliament House today - International Volunteer Day. The Award is part of The Centre for Volunteering's annual Volunteer of the Year Award. Read more

Sea rescue groups unite
4 December 2008 | Daily Telegraph
The state's volunteer marine rescue organisations will be abolished and replaced with a single streamlined emergency operation. The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and the marine division of the Volunteer Rescue Association could be shut down as early as next year and amalgamated into an organisation modeled on the State Emergency and Rural Fire services.

Government response to the Price Report and Submissions Adobe PDF
NSW Government | December 2008
Read the NSW Government's response to Volunteer Marine Rescue: Review of the structure, adequacy and sustainability of NSW Volunteer Marine Rescue Organisations discussion paper (The Price Report).

The costs of volunteering: more needs to be done
International Volunteer Day e-forum discussion in sum
5 December 2008 | Volunteering Australia
We have been talking about the costs of volunteering for more than three years. As part of the International Volunteer Day celebrations an e-forum discussion on the costs of volunteering took place. While some of the comments were familiar and therefore current, there were new slants presented as well as some options to allay the negative impact of the costs of volunteering. The question about whether all volunteers wish to be reimbursed was raised. Whatever solutions we find, we do not envisage that all volunteers will want to be reimbursed as they consider the costs part of their commitment to volunteering. At Volunteering Australia we continue to raise the issue of the costs of volunteering and seek solutions because we hear from volunteers that the costs can form a constraint and potential barrier. Read more

Volunteers are a 'dying breed'
3 December 2008 | Southern Courier
Running a wig library at Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick may be a small gesture for Coogee's Gail Avis, but it makes a huge difference to the lives of cancer patients...Ms Avis was last week named the Sydney East Senior Volunteer of the Year by the Centre for Volunteering at a ceremony hosted by the Southern Courier. And it seems volunteering runs in the family as her 106-year-old mother, Vi Robbins, spends one day a week doing administration work at Prince of Wales Hospital.

November 2008

Basket Brigade to deliver cheery Chrissie hampers to over 5,000 people …
24 November 2008 | Basket Brigade
With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to think of others…The Basket Brigade has been doing exactly this for the past 13 years. An international volunteer initiative commenced by motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, Basket Brigade prepares and delivers thousands of cheery Christmas hampers full of food, toys and clothing to those in need every year. Find out more

NVW 2009 promotional items
17 November 2008 | Volunteering Australia
To help your organisation celebrate NVW 2009, Volunteering Australia, with the support of our sponsor NAB, will provide free promotional material for not-for-profit organisations. Items will include an A3 poster and lapel pin. The artwork is currently being finalised but below is some important information to help you order your items. Ordering will open 11am, Monday, 1 December 2008 and will close 4pm, Friday, 16 January 2009. Find out more

Issues for Australian Volunteers - e-Forum
18 November 2008 | Prob Bono Australia & Volunteering Australia
In the lead up to International Volunteer Day in December, Volunteering Australia wants to know what issues are concerning Australian volunteers. To celebrate volunteers and volunteerism, Volunteering Australia is holding an e-forum offering an opportunity for volunteers to have their say and discuss issues with their peers. The e-forum went live on 12 November and will be open for 4 weeks. Read more about participating in the e-Forum

Giving and volunteering trends at home and on holiday
18 November 2008 | Prob Bono Australia
One of the world's largest online travel communities, TripAdvisor, has released the results of a recent travel and giving survey of more than 1,200 U.S. respondents to better understand how the public donates its time and money while travelling and at home. Read more

Barristers doing more pro bono legal work
18 November 2008 | Prob Bono Australia
A survey by the National Pro Bono (Legal) Resource Centre has found that pro bono legal work in Australia is on the rise. The survey results show an impressive commitment to pro bono, with 88% of respondents having done pro bono legal work in the last 12 months, but only 43% of respondents had done Legal Aid work in the previous 12 months. Read more

October 2008

Australasian Retreat for Advanced Volunteer Management: 11–13 March 2009
12 October 2008 | OzVPM
Information about and application forms for the 2009 Australasian Retreat
for Advanced Volunteer Management are now available on the retreat website.
This advanced level event is limited to just 52 participants and promises to
be an amazing experience. In addition to Martin J Cowling and Andy Fryay, the retreat faculty will this year be comprised of Rob Jackson from the UK and former retreat
graduates and two homegrown leaders of the Australian volunteer management
movement and retreat graduates DJ Cronin and Liz Scarfe. Its theme this year is Common Goals, Different Roles: Finding our place as Volunteer Managers. Read more

Volunteering in South Australia survey
30 October 2008 | Government of South Australia Office of Volunteers
The recent survey on volunteerism in South Australia has just been released. The survey conducted in 2008 interviewed 1500 respondants. Interestingly, the survey recorded yet again a volunteer rate about 50% for the SA population. This is in glaring contrast to the ABS survey just produced which listed it in the low 30's. Read more

Order of Macarthur Awards Adobe PDF
26 October 2008 | Pat Farmer MP
The 'Order of Macarthur Awards' are now in their seventh year and they have been widely supported by the community. The Order of Macarthur Awards were established by
Pat Farmer MP to recognise the outstanding contributions made by residents of the Macarthur community. These awards are to recognise volunteers in the Macarthur Community, who give their time selflessly for the betterment of the people in our community. This contribution can be anything from work in the community, involvement in charity organisations, schools, sporting organisations or even the arts. Download more information and the nomination form Adobe PDF

Volunteers to stay
16 October 2008 | The Western Weekender
Volunteers at Nepean Hospital have been reassured of their future, with the Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) stating its Retail Strategy would offer accommodation for fundraising services. Last week, NSW Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, said the State Government was planning to axe volunteer run charity services at Nepean Hospital. With the SWAHS letting "approximately 40 square metres of retail space at Nepean Hospital", Mr O'Farrell said he feared Nepean would face the same fate as Mount Druitt Hospital, where a volunteer-run kiosk and gift shop that has raised $1 million over 26 years will potentially be closed to accommodate the 'retail space'.

Sports fan poll: NSW keen to volunteer at sporting events
9 October 2008 | The Age
While those in NSW were generally happy to watch and play sport, they were the keenest to help stage it. "NSW did well across all indicators ... but they got more excited about volunteering than anything else and you'd probably expect that from the legacy of the Olympics, and also World Youth Day." Read more

Hospital helpers facing axe after government push
4 October 2008 | The Daily Telegraph
Volunteers who have raised money for Sydney hospitals for decades could be kicked out under a push by the State Government to sell space to private retailers. The Government is selling off floorspace in western Sydney hospitals and has told existing operators that they may be replaced. Documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph show that five hospitals will be affected.

Volunteering: Why we can't survive without it!Volunteering: Why we can't survive without it
If volunteers on any single day in Australia decided not to turn up – to coach local sporting teams, stuff envelopes, make cups of tea, plant trees, take minutes – we would all feel the effects very soon. In this new book, fourth generation volunteer and well-known commentator Melanie Oppenheimer takes the first comprehensive look at why Australians give so much of their time for free. Find out more

September 2008

Don't underestimate the baby boomer volunteers
22 September 2008 | Melanie Oppenheimer - on online opinion.com
The long summer of the baby boomer will inevitably include volunteering, and perhaps once and for all the stereotype of Lady Bountiful – that elderly woman dispensing her largesse and good deeds – will be permanently laid to rest. With 25 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 by 2040, the way baby boomers "do" volunteering will be quite different. Better health outcomes, the "social dimensions of ageing", and with baby boomers refusing to retire gracefully, volunteering will become a key issue. Governments and the non-profit sector need to be prepared.

Volunteer costs too high
11 September 2008 | ABC
The National Rural Women's Coalition wants the Federal Government to look at what it's costing people to volunteer in regional areas. Find out more

Helping volunteers pay for petrol
September 2008 | Dep of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Not-for-profit organisations can receive up to $2,500 to help pay for their volunteers' petrol bills, as part of the Australian Government's $21 million Volunteer Grants Program 2008. Under the Program, grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 can also be used to purchase equipment, including computers, tools, air conditioners and sporting equipment. Find out more

Practice analysis survey for leaders of volunteers
10 September 2008 | Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA)
The CCVA sponsors the "Certified in Volunteer Administration" credential for professionals in the field of volunteer resource management. In order to ensure that the CVA credential remains current and relevant, they must periodically update a Practice Analysis Study of the core competencies upon which the credential is based. If you have at least 3 years of experience in leading and managing volunteer involvement, you can help validate the work of their task force and ensure the CVA professional designation reflects actual practice. Complete the online survey (closes 30 September).

Unpaid work counts, so measure it
9 September 2008 | Melanie Oppenheimer, Sydney Morning Herald
"More than a third of adult Australians – about 5.4million people – are volunteers. That is one influential lobby group. But with a few exceptions, Australian governments have been excruciatingly slow to recognise the important role of volunteering. They have rarely taken volunteering and the non-profit or "third" sector within which it largely sits seriously. They take volunteers for granted." Read more

Valuing Queensland's volunteers – Volunteering Australian Conference
9 September 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
Queensland's Communities Minister Lindy Nelson-Carr has outlined some of the challenges facing volunteering in the 21st century at the 12th National Conference on Volunteering on the Gold Coast.

New Minister for Volunteering
8 September 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Following the change of leadership in the NSW Labor Party, Premier Rees has named the Hon. Graham James West as the Minister for Juvenile Justice, Youth and Volunteering. The Hon. Linda Burney has been named Minister Community Services. The Centre for Volunteering welcomes Mr West to his new portfolio.

Government invites comment on an Australian compact
September 2008 | ACOSS
The Not-for-Profit Sector and the Australian Government are exploring ways to develop a new and stronger relationship with each other, based on partnership and respect. One way to do this is through a National Compact -an agreement between the Australian Government and the not-for-profit sector that outlines how the two will work together to improve and strengthen their relationship, now and into the future. To be part of the consultation process, attend the forums that will be held throughout Australia. Forum information, registration forms and a background paper are available on the ACOSS website.

Outdoor area becomes reality for Namatjira
3 September 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, Linda Burney
Volunteering Minister Linda Burney today visited Namatjira Housing Estate in Chifley with Member for Maroubra Michael Daley and Cr Bruce Notley-Smith, Mayor of Randwick City Council, to join residents, volunteers and supporters in opening the new landscaped barbecue area.

Bushfire volunteer force 'shrinking'
2 September 2008 | The Australian
Australia is facing the climate change threats of longer and more severe fire seasons with an ageing and shrinking volunteer firefighting force. And the risk of loss of life and property is growing as the "tree change" phenomenon takes more people to leafy rural and city-fringe locations, according to Len Foster, chairman of the national Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre. Read more

NEW Research Report: "Highly Skilled with Insufficient English" Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Volunteers Utilisation
September 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
This project was initiated by The Centre for Volunteering as a result of its research department becoming aware from various sources that the number of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people wanting to volunteer was increasing and that a substantial number of people from CALD backgrounds were found to have difficulties communicating in English. Download the CALD Volunteering Research Report

Government boosts funding for emergency volunteers
September 2008 | Emergency Management Australia
The Federal Government has announced over $3 million in funding grants to boost the recruitment, retention and training of volunteer organisations at the front line of emergency management. This funding is for 183 projects across Australia through the National Emergency Volunteer Support Fund. Details of projects funded by the National Emergency Volunteer Support Fund can be found on the Emergency Management Australia website.

August 2008

Volunteering SA & NT welcomes new a CEO
13 August 2008 | VSA&NT
Volunteering SA & NT (VSA&NT) has welcomed Evelyn O'Loughlin to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Evelyn brings to VSA & NT a diverse background of skills and experience in private, corporate, NFP and government organisations. Evelyn has 13 years experience in executive management roles, with a strong record of exceeding business targets and has wide experience in dealing with staff and Boards. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree and initially taught as a teacher in a Secondary School and lecturer at TAFE in Port Pirie and then spent 6 years in State government positions - in community education, public relations, community health and children services roles. VSA&NT looks forward to working with Evelyn to grow the organisation and volunteering in South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

'Extra' cash for volunteer drivers
6 August 2008 | Australian Ageing Agenda
Meals on Wheels providers in NSW have welcomed a funding initiative to provide more subsidies for volunteer drivers but they say it does not go far enough. The state government announced that it would give $6.7 million over 12 months to Meals on Wheels and other HACC providers to help offset rising petrol costs.

A whole world at your feet if you care to volunteer
5 August 2008 | Sunday Telegraph
It is one of the fastest growing niches in travel – voluntourism. Trips where travellers use part of their time to do community and environmental work are booming. As well as the feel – good aspect of such trips, participants have a much closer connection to the areas they visit. In places from Nepal to the Coorong, a variety of companies now offer a diverse range of trips where people can do volunteer work.

July 2008

Petrol price woes a threat to wheels for meals
28 July 2008 | Sydney Morning Herald
"Every Wednesday morning Ray Osbourne sets off on a journey around the Blue Mountains. His travels begin and end in Blackheath, but he notches up more than 100 kilometres in his sedan as he delivers a week's food supply to about 20 people who rely on him. The 62-year-old pensioner enjoys his volunteer work for the local Meals on Wheels service, but as fuel prices continue to soar, he has found he is not only giving up his time but his money in order to help out."

One in five Australians volunteer once a fortnight
July 2008 | Herald Sun
Who works 645 million hours a year but doesn't get paid a cent? Australia's army of dedicated volunteers. New figures show one in five Australians volunteer at least once a fortnight – but time pressures are taking their toll. With labour worth about $10 billion, volunteers are contributing significantly to the Australian economy and quality of life. And we're now more willing to help, ABS Social Trends statistics show.

Fuel costs hit meals service
23 July 2008 | Parramatta Sun
The rising cost of petrol is forcing some Meals On Wheels volunteers to consider giving up their vital community work. NSW Meals On Wheels chief executive Les MacDonald said petrol was by far the biggest cost facing the organisation's volunteers and a "major issue'' which governments must look into.

Better connected, bigger mortgages, working more
23 July 2008 | ABC
Australians are taking on bigger mortgages and are more likely to have broadband internet according to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)...Millions of Australians are regularly volunteering...

Fair Trading launches staff volunteering project
17 July 2008 | Hon Linda Burney, Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering
Fair Trading and Volunteering Minister, Linda Burney, visited Fair Trading's head office in Parramatta today to launch its volunteering pilot program following overwhelmingly positive support from staff for the initiative.

UNSW Volunteer Work Expo: Thursday, 31 July, 3pm–6pm
Building on the success of last year's inaugural UNSW event for not-for-profit organisations seeking volunteers, UNSW is delighted to offer this Expo for the second time on 31 July this year. Promote your volunteering opportunities to UNSW students from all faculties in all years. The purpose of the Volunteer Work Expo is to bring not-for-profit organisations and students together through presentations, panel discussions and company displays. There is no cost to participate. Places are limited. Visit the UNSW website for details and bookings

CrimCheck – Automated police checking service
14 July 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
A pilot scheme to provide a fast and easy web-based system to process police checks for volunteers and potential staff in the Not for Profit sector has gone state-wide in Victoria. Called CrimCheck the system was piloted in 2007 through 12 community service organisations in a project funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services.

Youth Participation Grants Program, Australia (Deadline: 25 July)
July 2008 | Youth Action and Policy Association NSW
The Youth Participation Grants Program gives young people the resources to develop and implement community activities in their local area. A selection panel will award grants to young people who can demonstrate that:

  • their project benefits the community in some way .
  • the idea for the project has come from young people.
  • the application has been created by young people.
  • their project will increase community interaction.

Only candidates aged between 12 and 25 years and living in NSW can apply for a youth participation grant. For more information about the program visit www.yapa.org

Indigenous volunteers complete SES training course
4 July 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, Linda Burney
Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney today presented certificates to the first group of
Indigenous volunteers to complete a training course for volunteering in emergency services run by the Taree Community College.

Volunteer connections receives funding from Minister
4 July 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, Linda Burney
Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney was in Taree today where she visited Volunteer
Connections, the volunteer referral and resource centre, and presented them with a cheque for $17,975.

National Volunteer Communications and Recruitment Strategy
3 July 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia is currently undertaking research on the feasibility of a proposed National Volunteer Communications and Recruitment Strategy. The aim of the strategy would be to streamline existing communications and recruitment with potential volunteers nationwide and raising the profile of volunteering in Australia. More

Petrol pain in the community
1 July 2008 | Australian Ageing Agenda
Meals and Wheels services around the country are struggling to keep going as petrol prices continue to rise. Although service providers are doing their best to absorb the increasing costs, volunteers are already bearing the burden in some cases. The Manager of the Queensland Meals on Wheels Association, Debra Tape estimates that volunteer drivers are taking on fuel costs of up to $40 a week.

Volunteers get boost from council funding
1 July 2008 | Baulkham Hills Shire Council
Sixteen community groups have been successful in sharing more than $30,000 from Baulkham Hills Shire Volunteer Development Grants Program. The program was set up with a $40,000 budget earlier this year so that community based organisations, or Council's 355 committees, could put forward proposals to identify, recruit, train and retain their volunteers.

June 2008

2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award Posters released
26 June 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
The 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award posters have been released. Designed by Graphic Designer and volunteer Farrah Careem, the posters depict the joy of volunteering. Download and print the posters today

Visas and volunteering
26 June 2008 | Volunteering Australia
The Department of Immigration & Citizenship has been updating its website where it concerns volunteers. Generally speaking if a person's visa allows them to do paid work then they would automatically be able to volunteer. The only visas that need checking are those visas where paid work is not allowed. Find out more.

The NSW Fire Brigades is recruiting now for firefighters
17 June 2008 | NSW Fire Brigades
Do you know someone who wants new skills? New challenges? New friends? Then encourage them to join the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB), Australia's largest fire and rescue service, and climb the ladder to a satisfying career. Firefighting is a career not just a job; offering regular training and varied and challenging work, with no two days ever the same.

New Community Fleet Services launched for nonprofit organisations
13 June 2008 | Community Fleet Services
Community Sector Banking (CSB) has announced the launch of Community Fleet Services – a new and unique service specifically for nonprofit organisations that has the potential of saving millions of dollars annually across the nonprofit sector.

12th National Conference on Volunteering: Catch the New Waves
3 June 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia invites you to attend the 12th National Conference on Volunteering, 3–5 September 2008, an event exploring the issues that affect the 5.4 million Australians who volunteer. The theme for this year's conference is 'Catch the New Waves' which offers the opportunity to explore current and emerging trends in volunteering. Be a part of this key forum to highlight current and emerging trends in volunteering and to discuss their relevance to social inclusion, community capacity building and corporate social responsibility. Find out more

NVW Bridge to Volunteering Photo Gallery
2 June 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
During National Volunteer Week The Centre for Volunteering hosted a Bridge to Volunteering Seminar at Parliament House for over 150 potential volunteers. View the Photo Gallery.

May 2008

$5.3 million donated by volunteers to local bushland (NSW)
23 May 2008 | Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
Sydney residents donated $5.3 million worth of their time last year to help look after local bushland. A recent survey conducted by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA) found over 21,000 people were involved in environmental volunteering activities during 2007, contributing 178,000 hours of work in bushcare groups and other on-ground activities. This is up 7% on figures collected in 2005.

Saying thankyou to our charity volunteers (NSW)
23 May 2008 | NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing
Hundreds of volunteers will be thanked for their service to charity at a luncheon hosted by the NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing, Graham West. Mr West said the Volunteer Recognition Reception and Luncheon is being held at Parliament House in Sydney as part of Charity Awareness Week.

ATO Volunteer and Tax Guide
19 May 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
The Australian Tax Office has released a new version of its guide Volunteers and Tax to help individuals and Not for Profit organisations that deal with volunteers.

Local training courses for Indigenous SES volunteers
16 May 2008 | Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney, Minister for Emergency Services Nathan Rees, Minister for Education and Training John Della Bosca
A training course for volunteering in emergency services will be run for Indigenous people in Wagga Wagga, Taree, Tabulam and Casino, following the success of a pilot project in Moree last year. The State Emergency Service (SES) Indigenous Volunteers training project is a joint initiative between the SES, Department of Education and Training and the Office for Volunteering.

Government gives vollies a helping hand
15 May 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, the Hon Linda Burney
The Iemma Government has given volunteers strong support since it announced its new portfolio of volunteering eight months ago, Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney said during National Volunteer Week.

Helping volunteers pay their petrol bills Adobe PDF
13 May 2008 | Federal Government
The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, said the Australian Government has committed an additional $15 million over three years to help community organisations and their volunteers with their work, including help to pay their fuel bills. This will bring the total funding for the Volunteer Grants Program to $64 million over the next three years.

National Volunteer Week sees the start of a new awards year
12 May 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
National Volunteer Week will see the launch of the 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award. The Award celebrates the 1.6 million people who contribute to the NSW community by giving up their spare time to help others. Launched last year by The Centre for Volunteering, the NSW Volunteer of the Year Award is open to anyone who volunteers three hours a week or more to any NSW community based not-for-profit organisation. Read more

Employee Volunteer Program Research Report and Toolkit released
12 May 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering and Westpac Foundation
The Centre for Volunteering has been investigating best practice into how corporate Employee Volunteering Programs (EVPs) successfully connect with small-to-medium not-for-profit organisations. The research report, Frontier of Opportunity: Critical Success Factors of Employee Volunteering Programs for the Small-to-Medium Not-for-Profit Sector and Employee Volunteer Programs (EVP) Toolkit and Guide for not-for-profits that want to set up and manage their own EVPs was released at Westpac by the Hon Linda Burney, Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering with Helen Lynch, Chairman, The Westpac Foundation. Read more

Chance to recognise unsung heroes (NSW) Adobe PDF
12 May 2008 | Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney
To mark National Volunteer Week, Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney officially launched the 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award. The Award represents the only formal state-wide recognition of NSW's 1.4 million volunteers and the enormous contribution they make to their communities every year. Ms Burney, patron of the Award, said the winners of the inaugural Awards last year were tremendous examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Read more Adobe PDF

Funding boost marks National Volunteer Week
12 May 2008 | Australian Government
In celebration of Volunteers Week I am pleased to announce funding of $1.6 million over four years to Volunteering Australia (VA) to help expand volunteer placements for Australians Working Together (AWT) customers. Read more

Volunteer applications flood in for Gold Coast Indy 300
12 May 2008 | Gold Coast Indy 300
As National Volunteer Week kicks off, organisers of the Gold Coast Indy 300 are enjoying a record response from hopeful volunteers following the recent opening of applications for the 2008 event.

Students chosen on good works
10 May 2008 | SMH
A national university will select up to half of its intake next year on a combination of students' school performance and involvement in cultural, sporting or religious activities. The Australian Catholic University will guarantee places to students before they receive their Higher School Certificate results if they can demonstrate a history of community work. The unorthodox selection procedure follows a Macquarie University initiative that will require all undergraduate students to participate in volunteer work before they graduate. Read more

Students chosen on good works
8 May 2008 | The Smith Family
National Volunteer Week (May 12-18) celebrates the achievements of Australians who selflessly donate their time to volunteer their services to not-for-profit organisations such as The Smith Family. Read more

Mac Uni's plan for 'broadminded' graduates
6 May 2008 | ABC
Macquarie University in Sydney has announced a major overhaul of its curriculum, which it says is designed to produce more broadly-educated and socially-aware graduates. From 2010, all undergraduate students will have to study both humanities and science subjects. Vice-Chancellor Steven Schwartz says it will also be compulsory for every undergraduate to do volunteer work. Read more

April 2008

Animals preferred over AIDS victims
27 April 2008 | SMH
'Australians are happy to donate money and time to charity but prefer giving to children or animals more than to the poor or homeless, a survey has found. Charities collecting for sick people and AIDS victims struggled to get cash, according to the survey on a career network site.' Read more

Stressed Australian Charity Workers Have 'Role Overload'
24 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
While many in the Not for Profit sector may have already suspected it now a new Australian study has confirmed that charity workers are some of the most stressed in Australia.

Connecting Up 2008 Registrations Open
24 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
From Facebook to fundraising, from strategic planning to software, from mobiles to memberships, from databases to diaries, from websites to wikis, the Connecting Up 2008 - 'Online and Off to the Future' conference this is the place for any Not for Profit that's living in the 21st century and plans to stick around.

Government Flags National Compact with NFP Sector
24 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
The Rudd Labor Government has outlined its timetable for developing a national compact between the Federal Government and the Not for Profit sector.

NFPs Working with the Corporate Sector - Take the Survey
24 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs has been commissioned by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to undertake a major study into Australian Not for Profit organisations and corporate community investment.

Australian Women's Donor Network
24 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
While many in the Not for Profit sector may have already suspected it now a new Australian study has confirmed that charity workers are some of the most stressed in Australia.

Volunteering Australia Applauds 2020 Summit Initiative
21 April 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Australian women have been fairly conservative about their philanthropy in the past but that trend is changing according to a soon to be released PHD paper.

Australia 2020 Summit – Initial Report
20 April 2008 | Federal Government
The Initial Report from the 2020 Summit to the Prime Minister, sets out the key results of discussion by 1000 Australians over the weekend of 19 and 20 April in Canberra. The Report includes results across the 10 streams of the Summit, including ambitions, priority themes and top ideas from each stream. A more detailed, final report of the Summit to the Prime Minister will be prepared next month.

Address To Pricewaterhousecoopers Transparency Awards
17 April 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
When you invited us to be jurors for these awards you told us that it built on a similar program that PWC runs in the Netherlands which had brought new perspectives and dialogue to the Dutch not-for-profit sector. I was really excited about participating because, as we can see here tonight, these awards have had a similar effect, adding to a growing national dialogue on transparency and accountability in the not-for-profit sector.

National Volunteering Research Symposium
14 April 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia will host the Second National Volunteering Research Symposium, in conjunction with the 12th National Conference on Volunteering, bringing together researchers with a strong and demonstrated research interest in the field of volunteering.

New Era of Partnership Between the Government and Not-For-Profit Sector
9 April 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, today addressed the ACOSS National Conference in Melbourne, outlining a timetable for developing a national compact between the Government and the not-forprofit sector.

Volunteering Keeps Seniors Young and Healthy
8 April 2008 | Linda Burney MP
Volunteering keeps seniors physically and mentally healthier, Linda Burney, NSW Minister for Volunteering said today.

Address to UnitingCare Australia – Uniting Missions Network
7 April 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
I have been consulting very widely with the not-for-profit sector in recent times and I have found those discussions to be very useful in considering what our social inclusion priorities should be and ways we can achieve them. I also look forward to hearing views at the 2020 Summit, in two weeks, on how we can best strengthen communities, support families and build social inclusion.

Golden age of volunteering predicted for 2020
7 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
The Rudd Labor Government is predicting a 'golden age' of volunteering in Australia by 2020. Senator Ursula Stephens, the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector has outlined ways to foster a new wave of innovation and inspiration in volunteering.

Volunteering Australia looks to ten year plan
7 April 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
Volunteering Australia has engaged consultancy firm GerrardBown to help set the blueprint for its operations for the next five to ten years. Volunteering Australia CEO Cary Pedicini says the opportunities for VA and the sector in general are significant and the task will be to clearly identify what VA's role will be in the changing environment of volunteering.

Minister's Forum on Volunteering
4 April 2008 | Lynne Dalton, CEO, The Centre for Volunteering
The Minister for Volunteering, the Hon Linda Burney, hosted a Forum on Volunteering on Friday, 28 March following the Volunteering Roundtable held in June 2007. The Forum was co-hosted by the Community Relations Commission and focused on volunteering by people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Senator Ursula Stephens, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and Volunteering, attended the Forum as a special guest. The object of the Forum was to discuss ideas and issues to assist people with CALD backgrounds to volunteer and, in so doing, to meet one of the objectives of the Government's State plan, which is to raise the level of engagement in communities where there is a high level of diversity. Lynne Dalton attended the Forum and encourages people to read the speeches from the State Minister for Volunteering, Hon Linda Burney and Senator Ursula Stephen, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and Volunteering. Read more and see photos

March 2008

Diversity and the volunteer workforce forum: Speech
28 March 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
Speech to Volunteering NSW Forum: Diversity & the Volunteer Workforce: Towards a 2020 Vision for Volunteering, 28 March 2008, Orion Centre, Campsie, NSW. Read

Minister's Forum embraces diversity in volunteering
28 March 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, Linda Burney
NSW Minister for Volunteering, Linda Burney, said today that encouraging greater diversity was a crucial part of strengthening the community and making New South Wales a cohesive, welcoming and caring society. Read

Pain for gain across the Nullarbor Plain
20 March 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens, Ramsey Hall, St Ignatius College
May I begin by honouring the Indigenous ancestors of this land, the Guringai people, and I thank you for the opportunity to join you this evening to support the efforts of these remarkable young people – Nat, Shep, Muz and D-Z...I can't think of a better way to capture what these young men have achieved, for such a great cause. Nathanael Groves of Portland, Matthew Sheppard from Coonamble and Murray Campbell and D-Z from the United Kingdom have done something few of us could even imagine. Read more

12th National Conference on Volunteering – Keynote speakers announced
20 March 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia is pleased to announce two keynote speakers for the 12th National Conference on Volunteering (3–5 September 2008). Bruno Ayres, Chief Networking Officer for the V2V Network (Volunteer-to-Volunteer), and Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision.

Incorporated Associations Act Reforms: Call for public submissions by the Minister for Fair Trading, Volunteering and Youth
March 2008 | Department of Fair Trading
Linda Burney, Minister for Fair Trading, Volunteering and Youth, has called for submissions from the public on proposed reforms to the Incorporated Associations Act. The Act has relevance for two of the Minister's portfolios – Fair Trading and Volunteering. Read more

Seniors Week seminarAdobe PDF
17 March 2008 | STARS
STARS is presenting a Seniors Week seminar on "Volunteering Opportunities for Seniors." Senior residents will hear about the benefits of volunteering in their community, and be able to explore a range of interesting opportunities available to them.

Premier praises Woman of the Year winner (NSW)
7 March 2008 | Premier of NSW
Premier Morris Iemma today announced NSW Woman of the Year is Dianne Madden, for her contribution to helping families living with mental illness. Ms Madden is the founder of Camp Kookaburra in the Sutherland Shire which supports children aged 8 to 12 living with a parent, brother or sister affected by mental illness.

CSR Practitioners Forum: Senator Ursula address Adobe PDF
3 March 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
Senator Ursula Stephens, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, addressed the CSR Practitioners Forum at the  University of Sydney on Tuesday, 3 March. She discussed social inclusion and corporate responsibility, what can business do, corporate volunteering, giving of skills and training, diverse employment strategies, getting the best outcomes, and learning from international experience. Read Senator Stephen's address Adobe PDF

February 2008

People too busy to do charity work: survey
29 Feburary 2008 | ABC
The Red Cross says busier lifestyles are behind a fall in the numbers of people volunteering to help disadvantaged people in their community. More than 1,200 people took part in the online survey that aimed to gauge public perception about the elderly, people living with a mental illness and the homeless. The survey revealed that volunteer figures were down compared to a decade ago.

SVM's training for volunteers
29 February 2008 | School of Volunteer Management
The Certificate 1 in Active Volunteering (CAV 1) is a new, nationally accredited course designed especially for volunteers. It allows you to learn new skills or update your current skills. This certificate is a formal qualification providing a pathway to other vocational qualifications and employment opportunities. Enrol today

Two new membership offers for The Centre for Volunteering in 2008–2009
29 February 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Be quick and save money! For the first time, new and renewing members of The Centre for Volunteering have the choice of two discounted payment options: you can pay for 6 months of membership up till 30 June 2008 or 18 months of membership up till 30 June 2009. This offer expires at the end of March. Download rates and a new membership application form or membership renewal form today.

Local woman nominated for NSW Woman of the Year Award
28 February 2008 | Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering, Linda Burney
The State Member for Canterbury, Linda Burney today announced her nominee for the NSW Woman of the Year Award 2008, to be awarded at a Premier's reception on 6 March at Government House in Sydney for International Women's Day.

The Science and Practice of Sport Volunteerism: 1-day seminar
Date: 8 April 2008
Location: Sydney, Australia

The recruiting, retaining and recognising of volunteers is vital to the survival of sport associations and not-for-profit organisations. This one-day seminar draws together a comprehensive approach to volunteer management practices through contemporary research and a sound understanding of human resource management. The seminar has been designed by a team of researchers and practitioners with a long history of volunteer management involvement in sport. Innovative outcomes from a recent Australian Research Council grant conducted in collaboration with a national sporting organisation will be workshopped at the seminar. Featuring Lynne Dalton, CEO, The Centre for Volunteering. Find out more

Connecting Up 2008 Online and Off to the Future
Monday–Tuesday, 19–20 May 2008, Brisbane
Registrations are now open for Connecting Up 2008 – Online and Off to the Future. The conference will be held from 19–20 May 2008, at the Hilton, Brisbane. Book your tickets at the conference website. Connecting Up 2008 is a great opportunity for those interested in the uses of technology within the charity and non-profit sector. Early bird conferences prices are available until 14 March.

Third National Survey of Volunteering Issues
25 February 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia invites all volunteers and not-for-profit organisations that involve volunteers to participate in the 2008 National Survey of Volunteering Issues. The survey takes around 10–15 minutes to complete and is open until 16 March. The National Survey of Volunteering Issues helps Volunteering Australia understand what issues are emerging in the sector and what factors help and hinder effective volunteering. Volunteering Australia uses this information to formulate policy positions to put to government, and also to target where our research and consultation efforts should be directed. The 2008 National Survey of Volunteering Issues report will be released during National Volunteer Week (12–18 May 2008). Complete the survey

5th NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Conference: 24 April 2008
Thursday, 24 April 2008 | Location: Harold Park, Glebe
Calvary Hospital is organising the 5th NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Conference at Harold Park Glebe on Thursday, 24 April 2008. The conference is open to volunteers and interested persons.

Creating better communities - Benevolent Society Study
23 February 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
A new report looks at what makes communities caring and inclusive and the role that all institutions, especially Not for Profits can play in creating better Australian communities. The study by Karen Healy from the Benevolent Society is called "Creating Better Communities: A study of social capital creation in four communities".

Corporate-community volunteering "relationship" needs better management
22 February 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
Corporate-community volunteering relationships in Australia need to be better managed to ensure they are mutually beneficial to both sectors according to a new report. The report has been produced following a workshop with the organisations that facilitate corporate volunteering, to discuss the challenges (particularly for the Not for Profit organisations) in managing corporate (employee) volunteering and how these challenges might be addressed. Read more

Address to the Fundraising Institute of Australia's Asia-Pacific Forum, Perth
22 February 2008 | Senator Ursula Stephens
The Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, discussed the Rudd government's social inclusion agenda and the role that we believe the non-profit sector can play.

SACS Award for Leadership in the Not-for-Profit Sector
19 February 2008 | SACS Consulting
The award is targeted at recognising and fostering leadership in the NSW & Victorian Not-for-Profit sector and is supported by SACS Consulting. SACS Consulting is seeking submissions from within the sector outlining examples of outstanding leadership (See criteria). All staff in the New South Wales and Victorian not-for-profit sector are eligible for this new leadership award which offers a $10,000 prize to foster leadership development. Applications close end of April.

RPAH Volunteer Appreciation Day
19 February 2008 | Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
On Friday, 15 February, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital held its Volunteer Appreciation Day. Minister for Volunteering, the Hon. Linda Burney M.P. was in attendance and kindly presented two long serving, French-speaking volunteers with gold medals. One of those volunteers has served the hospital for 37 years and the other for 26 years. The rest of the volunteers were presented by a member of the hospital Executive with silver medals. The hospital's newer volunteers received Certificates of Appreciation. The Minister proceeded to chat to most of the volunteers present (approx. 50). Luncheon was served and all in all it was an extremely convivial function.

Report: The Economic Value of Volunteering in Queensland Adobe PDF
19 February 2008 | Qld Department of Communities and The University of Melbourne
A report measuring the economic contributions of Queensland's volunteers
is now available. This report has, for the first time, quantified the value of both formal (through an organisation or group) and informal (outside of an organisation) volunteering contributions to Queensland's society.

Academic outrages community leaders
18 February 2008 | Neos Kosmos
The recent study by Dr. Ernest Healy of Monash University regarding volunteerism and social cohesion has stirred controversy and rebuttals from many ethnic communities and multicultural advocates.

National Volunteer Week: Thank You to 5 million Australians
14 February 2008 | Volunteering Australia
National Volunteer Week 2008 will be held from the 12–18 May. The theme of National Volunteer Week is "Volunteers Change Our World" and the week aims to recognise the role of volunteers in our community and say thank you for their contribution.

Minister acknowledges new migrants' massive contribution to community building
11 February 2008 | Minister for Volunteering, the Hon Linda Burney
Minister for Volunteering Linda Burney has responded to Victorian research on volunteering fresh from a meeting in Cooma with a culturally diverse volunteering group. Ms Burney said she believed research undertaken by Ernest Healy from Monash University's Centre for Population and Urban Research did not give the full picture about levels of volunteering in migrant communities. Read more

Corporate volunteering: From little things big things grow
February 2008 | Volunteering Australia
By now, most not-for-profit organisations would be familiar with the concept of corporate volunteering. However, the subject still seems to arouse wariness and scepticism within the sector. So why is it still such an issue? Is it because not-for-profits still consider it as an imposition rather than an opportunity? Download Volunteering Australia's new Corporate Volunteering Training Kit: A comprehensive kit to help volunteer centres deliver training on corporate volunteering.

Volunteer Magnet (2nd edition) launched
February 2008 | OzVPM
The second edition of Turn your organisation into a volunteer magnet has been launched. The ebook is a knowledge-sharing initiative within the international community of volunteer program managers (VPMs) for the purpose of peer-to-peer professional development. The editors and writers have given their time for free and it is the intention that nobody should profit from the sale of this publication. Download your copy

The Centre for Volunteering welcomes Odessa O'Brien
February 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Odessa O'Brien joins The Centre for Volunteering with experience in managing and liaising with a large number and range of not-for-profit organisations, charities and government departments for the past 9 years. This includes experience in policy development, event management and community relations. Odessa's background includes managing a community engagement program with over 360 volunteers participating in a range of fundraising events, corporate volunteering days and information and networking events to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering and encourage corporate employees to get involved. In addition to running the Volunteer Referral Service Odessa is keen to expand the Corporate Volunteering Program and looks forward to working with the Membership of The Centre to create new opportunities for companies to get involved.

The Centre for Volunteering welcomes Maia Giordano
February 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
The Centre for Volunteering welcomes Maia Giordano into the role of Youth Volunteer Program Manager. Maia takes over from Jacinthe Brosseau who is expecting her first child. Maia has experience working in both state and local government. Maia has a background in Human Geography and Community Cultural Development. She has completed Human Geography Honours in the area of Child Friendly Cities, child rights policy and youth participation. She was part of the Inspire Foundation's first Youth Advisory Board developing the website www.ActNow.com.au. She has a keen interest in promoting the benefits of volunteering for young people.

The Centre for Volunteering farewells Alison Keene
February 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
The Centre for Volunteering sadly farewelled Alison Keene, Volunteer Services Coordinator in January. Alison managed The Centre's Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) for the past year and was instrumental in developing and implementing many best practices and new processes with the VRS.

Vita Activa radio series on volunteering
February 2008 | ABC
Richard Aedy presents a Life Matters series on issues in volunteering with Dr Melanie Oppenheimer, a historian with a special interest in tracking the voluntary sector. Listen to the series.

January 2008

Future of Volunteering Project seeking feedback and contributions
29 January 2008
Volunteering is a fundamental part of Australia. Some of our services would not exist without them. Making sure that we can continue to attract volunteers is important - to government, organisations and all of us! The Future of Volunteering Project wants to understand why people volunteer...to help with government policy making, and to help organisations attract and keep the people they need. The project aims to collect thousands of stories of real experiences from people who volunteer, people who manage and use volunteers and people who fund volunteering organisations. All stories are treated as anonymous. Complete the online survey and tell your volunteer story

Volunteering Australia's 2008 National Conference
29 January 2008 | Volunteering Australia (& VSA)
Start planning your attendance at Volunteering Australia's 2008 National Conference to be held on September 3–5 on the Gold Coast. The theme of the 12th National Conference on Volunteering is Catch the New Waves. This conference will explore the current and emerging trends in volunteering. These include, but are not limited to:
episodic volunteering, volunteer tourism, changing demographics, informal volunteer models, corporate volunteering, shift in the way people volunteer and flexibility in management. Keep checking the VA web site for updated information.

Call for 'Stories of Volunteer Action' for CIVICUS-IAVE-UNV publication on volunteering, activism and the MDGs
Application Deadline: 8 February 2008
World Alliance for Citizen Participation in conjunction with its partner organisations the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) Programme invites interested CIVICUS members, partners, and other civil society organisations and businesses actively engaged in corporate social responsibility to submit short 'stories of volunteer action' for possible inclusion in a joint CIVICUS-IAVE-UNV publication on the indispensable role of volunteering and activism for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Read the full call for stories.

Volunteer resource centres announced
5 February 2008 | Jennifer Rankine MP
More than half a dozen councils across South Australia have been given the green light to receive $15,000 of seed funding to establish Volunteer Resource Centres in their community. The initiative was developed to deliver start-up finds to recipients following careful consideration of each council's application to erect such an important and sustainable community asset.

Special Report: Inclusive volunteering
January 2008 | Moira Deslandes, Volunteering SA & NT and IAVE
"When I was in Nagoya, Japan in December for the IAVE Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, I sat in on a workshop presentation by Moira Deslandes, CEO of Volunteering South Australia. I was so struck by the innovations represented by the project she described that I asked her to prepare an article for E-IAVE so we could share it with all IAVE members. This is the result. You will find her contact information at the end of the article." Kenn Allen Read more

Those teens who walk with God tend to have a big helping heart, too
27 January 2008 | Sydney Morning Herald
"Almost a third of Australian teenagers do not have any religious beliefs, new research has revealed. And academics from Monash University and the Australian Catholic University found those with serious spiritual and religious beliefs were likely to donate more money, participate more in their communities and be more concerned about their society than their non-religious counterparts." Read more

New Labor Government removes 'gagging' clauses
24 January 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
The Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, will consult with welfare groups in coming weeks following the announcement by the new Federal Labor Government to remove the 'gagging' clauses in contracts with the Not for Profit Sector. Read more

Sunrise promotes volunteering
24 January 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
Alan Bates, a board member for The Centre for Volunteering and Volunteer Coordinator for Wesley Mission, and volunteer Joanne Kim appeared on Network Seven's Sunrise program on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 January discussing the benefits of volunteering. Find out how you can become a volunteer across Australia and have your say about the value of volunteering on the Sunrise website.

Double our volunteer force
22 January 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia has applauded the Governor General's call for more Australians to undertake voluntary work as part of his wish for a more caring Australia. Major-General Jeffrey, speaking at a dawn event in Tasmania at the start of a week of Australia Day celebrations, suggested we should aim to double the number of people who volunteer in their communities. Read more

Do something: G-G wants more caring
21 January 2008 | Sydney Morning Herald
"Governor-General Michael Jeffery has urged more Australians to undertake voluntary work as part of his campaign for a more caring community. He made the call today while participating in a dawn event at Tasmania's Cradle Mountain, beginning a week of Australia Day celebrations." Read more

Virtual Volunteering launch
17 January 2008 | NAB
NAB has introduced virtual volunteering to its 23,000 plus employees. NAB volunteers can now offer their professional skills to community groups, all without leaving their desks. Community groups register their volunteering opportunities at no cost with volunteer X change which matches the request with suitably skilled NAB employees. Some of the areas covered include: communications and marketing; human resources; business planning and advice; document review and editing; web design; and spreadsheet skills and analysis. See if this is an opportunity just waiting to be snapped up by your organisation!

Global Volunteer Management Survey
17 January 2008 | People First Solutions
Martin Cowling, People First Solutions, is an Australian collaborator in this research. The volunteering sector will benefit from the findings,e so please take the time to complete the survey before Saturday, 1 March 2008.

New Centre for Social Impact
14 January 2008 | Pro Bono Australia
2008 will see the establishment of a major new initiative drawing together and consolidating the growing Australia-wide interest in philanthropy, social investment, the not-for-profit sector, and social entrepreneurship. The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) will bring together Swinburne University (through the Asia-Pacific Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment), the University of Melbourne, and the University of New South Wales, and will provide managerial education, executive support and research for the Not for Profit sector. Read more

Volunteers to the fore again
8 January 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia CEO, Cary Pedicini, has highlighted the work of volunteers around Australia as they tackle floods, fires and storms. "Australia's amazing weather has again provided plenty of challenges to volunteers and we can all be very proud of what has been achieved to date," Cary said. Read more Adobe PDF

Rural and remote volunteering: a great way to strengthen communities
January 2008 | Volunteering Australia
For volunteers, organisations, managers and trainers who would like to learn more about volunteering as a way of strengthening rural and remote communities. This subject guide, Rural and remote volunteering: a great way to strengthen communities, consists of a downloadable PDF guide and online resources concerned with volunteering in rural and remote communities.

National Volunteer Week 12–18 May 2008: Theme
January 2008 | Volunteering Australia
The theme for National Volunteer Week 2008 is Volunteers Change our World. The emphasis of National Volunteer Week will be on thanking and recognising our volunteers. All organisations involving volunteers are encouraged to celebrate the week to promote volunteering in their organisation and the community, in whatever way they can. Find out more about the theme, history and purpose of National Volunteer Week and how you can be involved.

New CEO at Volunteering Australia
January 2008 | Volunteering Australia
Cary Pedicini joins Volunteering Australia with a significant background in the not-for-profit and government sectors in fields as diverse as sport and recreation, outdoor education, student accommodation, vocational education and training, employment and community services. Cary has held senior management positions with organisations such as the YMCA, the Department for Victorian Communities and, most recently, State Director for Mission Australia in Victoria. Read more

The Centre for Volunteering launches 2008 Events Calendar
January 2008 | The Centre for Volunteering
It's not too late to include your event in The Centre's online 2008 Events Calendar! New events will be added to The Centre's website in early January 2008. Email Kristin Romanis with the following information about your event: name and date of the event, the organisation responsible for the event and a website link where additional details can be obtained.

New national report on Australia's welfare
January 2008 | Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's report published just before Christmas underwrites the value of volunteering and the vital service volunteers deliver to support welfare services. Many not for profits and government agencies in community services and health would not be able to deliver their services without the contribution of volunteers. This comprehensive report is a must read for any one preparing grant applications, submissions or research. Read the report

Donated software and hardware
January 2008 | DonorTec
DonorTec supplies donated software and hardware from companies such as Microsoft and Cisco to eligible Australian non-profit groups. Get the latest products each year, eg Microsoft Office 2007. This year over 1000 not-for-profits have been assisted.  For more information or to register visit www.donortec.com.au

Global Volunteer Management Survey
January 2008 | People First -Total Solutions
The Global Volunteer Management Survey is being undertaken to research the
state of volunteer management globally. The results will be used to: identify trends and issues globally, develop appropriate training resources, provide data for articles for publication, assist Volunteer Centres, volunteer involving organisations and professional associations to see what volunteer managers/coordinators are saying and feeling, and raise the profile of managers/coordinators of volunteers. Complete the survey today.

National Volunteering News...read more

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