This form is for use both for members wishing to submit their volunteer positions to the Volunteer Referral Service and to those wishing to advertise in the Skilled Volunteer Weekly Alert.

Follow these easy steps to advertise for volunteers through the Volunteer Referral Service:

  1. Check you’re a member of The Centre for Volunteering.
    You need to be a member of The Centre for Volunteering to use the Volunteer Referral Service. To check if you are an existing member or if you need any information about becoming a member organisation, phone the Membership Department on 02 9261 3600.
  2. Ensure your Volunteer Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance is up to date
  3. If relevant, ensure your job meets the skilled volunteering criteria 
  4. Complete the Job Description Form below


Please note: The Centre for Volunteering and the Volunteer Referral Service will close for the Christmas break from Wednesday, December 19 and re-open on Monday, January 7, 2019.