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IAVE – Call For Papers

Call for Papers
15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 2017

22 – 26 November 2017

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Yayasan Salam Malaysia and IAVE are pleased to invite proposals for presentations to be made in the breakout sessions at the 15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur, 22 – 26 November 2017. Please review these guidelines prior to submitting an application. Also, additional information about the conference can be found at: http://iaveap2017.org.my
About the Conference Program: The Power of Volunteering: What Have You Changed? In keeping with the conference’s overall theme, the 15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 2017 exists to promote, strengthen, showcase and celebrate volunteering in all of the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. We are the connective tissue of global network of leaders of volunteering, NGOs, businesses and volunteer centres that share a belief in the power of volunteers to make a significant strategic contribution to resolving the world’s most pressing problems. This premier gathering of volunteer leaders is hosted by Yayasan Salam Malaysia, the National Representative for International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).
With this conference, we seek to create a dialogue space in the Asia-Pacific region and global network for the participants to engage with one another while discussing, debating and deepening their understanding about how volunteering is responding to modern lives.
We encourage anyone with appropriate knowledge, perspective and experience to respond to this announcement and to submit proposals for papers on a topic of their choice relating to the topics that will be explored during the conference. These may be volunteers who lead organizations or grassroots initiatives; paid or volunteer managers of volunteers; executives of civil society organizations (NGOs); academics; government officials; business people; consultants; etc. They may be of any age, from any country in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide, with any education background.

Topics that will be explored during the conference: The conference is designed around six (6) major topics which hold particular interest in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide. Learn more about the themes that will shape the conference program here: http://iaveap2017.org.my/topics/
 Leadership  Technology and Social Innovation  The Sustainable Development Goals: With a focus on Poverty, Education and Climate Change  Financial Sustainability  Corporate Volunteering  Strategic Partnership

The conference program has three (3) primary components:

 Plenary sessions that bring together all participants to engage with global leaders around critical issues and challenges and to learn about high impact, innovative examples of volunteering.

 Forum sessions that offer the opportunity to gather in targeted participant groups and/or around issues to engage with proven leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and change agents.

 Breakout sessions that focus on specific topics, highlighting programmatic and operational innovations that strengthen volunteering and increase its impact; these will be conducted in two (2) formats: panel presentations for sharing of cases of effective practices, problem solving and innovations, and, discussion groups that will maximize participant participation in discussing critical issues and challenges.



The organizing committee of the 15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 2017 may draw from responses in order to identify potential speakers for Forum sessions as appropriate. All papers will be reviewed and assigned to an appropriate session.
Paper submissions will open on 5th May 2017 and close on 16th June 2017. To submit your paper, please click on the following link: http://iaveap2017.org.my/topics/
About Presenters: In each theme area, we will be looking for presenters who can address the concept; identify and discuss critical issues related to it; present examples of innovation and excellence in relevant program activities.
Guidelines for Applications: 1. Applicants must complete the online application at the following link: https://miceapps.com/client/sites/view/IAVE_17. It will serve as the primary basis for receiving and evaluating applicants. 2. The format is automated by the online submission system. Applicants are required to follow the instructions upon submitting their paper via online submission portal. 3. The deadline for application is June 9, 2017. 4. The applicant must be the presenter. No on behalf submission is allowed. 5. Applicants are only allowed to submit ONE (1) paper each topic. Presenters may submit papers based on all six (6) topics available (if preferred). 6. The papers should be written in English with a maximum of 350 words. 7. The description of papers submitted will be included in the final program of the conference. 8. Please be aware that changes to the content of the paper cannot be made once the paper has been submitted via the online submission system. 9. It is the sole responsibility of the authors to ensure accuracy of content and language. 10. The paper should not contain graphics or references. 11. It is not our practice to commit full breakout sessions to one-person workshops or training sessions. Applicants may propose such sessions but should note that it is highly unlikely such proposals will be accepted though, alternatively, they may be invited to be a presenter in a panel presentation or discussion group session. 12. If accepted, presenters will be required to provide a photograph conforming to guidelines we will provide at that time.
For any enquires regarding the conference, please contact: secretariat@iaveap2017.org.my
We look forward to seeing you at the 15th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference 2017!