Volunteer Stories

We’ve trawled Australia and the world, looking for dedicated volunteers with an interesting story to tell and we think we’ve found a few of them. Below are their stories. Want to tell us your volunteer story? We are always interested in talking to volunteers and spreading the message of not just how volunteering helps the community, but also how it can help you. Just email your details to info@volunteering.com.au and we will contact you for an interview.

Kirralee Phillips

Youth Development
What organisation did you support? The Centre for Volunteering as a Youth ...

Micheala Collins

2012 NSW Youth Volunteer of the Year
"Volunteering allows you to make a difference, no matter how small, to the lives of others."

Michael Cluff

2012 NSW Corporate Volunteer of the Year
"The depth and breadth of what people do through their volunteering is truly inspirational".

Harry Whelan

Young volunteer with a mission
"Initially I just wanted to become more active in my community by being involved in local youth affairs but, in time, this has evolved into something much greater. Gradually I saw a need to enable and motivate other young people to speak up and speak out".

Irma Bradford

It is far better to give than receive
"I would say to anyone with a little spare time on their hands to try volunteering – there is a saying that it is far better to give than receive. I truly believe this. The joy, the fun and the friendships made over 60 years are proof of this".

Andrew Heslop

2012 NSW Volunteer of the Year
"I have worked with some inspiring volunteers along the way that continue to show me the true spirit of the community".

Yaniv Levy

Social Media Officer
What organisation you support: The Centre for Volunteering as a Social Media ...

Wendy Robertson

Easy Care Gardening
Wendy Robertson has been a Thursday volunteer with Easy Care Garden...

Megan Etheridge

2012 NSW Senior Volunteer of the Year
"Volunteering allows me to feel like I'm adding value to someone's life, but importantly I come to realise that it's also adding value to my own".