Want to volunteer? Find out how with these steps to volunteering.

1. Attend a free introductory seminar

Bridge to Volunteering is a free, weekly seminar for new volunteers where you can find out about the benefits, rights and responsibilities of volunteers and organisations. We recommend you attend before you start volunteering.
Bridge to Volunteering is held weekly on Fridays 10.30am–12.30pm. Bookings are essential.

2. See what types of volunteer jobs are available

Find a volunteer role or roles that interest you by searching the following listings. Make note of the job number for each role you are interested in.

3. Complete a Volunteer Registration Form or submit an Expression of Interest through GoVolunteer

Upon completion, the Volunteer Registration Form is sent to the Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) where your details are entered into the volunteer database so that the VRS can help you find volunteer opportunities that match your interests, skills and values.
Note: Please include the 3 or 4 digit job number if you have one If you have previously registered and been interviewed by the Volunteer Referral Service and are looking for a new volunteer job, please phone the VRS team on 02 9261 3600 Monday–Friday, 10am–3:30pm, E.S.T.

4. Make a date for an interview

Once your application has been received and processed, the VRS team will send you an email confirming your registration. Please call the VRS team to make a date and time to interview you. Your interview can be done over the phone with the VRS interviewers or face-to-face at our office in The Rocks, Sydney.
During your interview you can tell us about your skills, interests and availability and we’ll find a volunteer role on our database that will work for you. We can also refer you to your nearest local volunteer referral centre if Sydney is too far away from you.

5. Get matched to a volunteer job

During your volunteer interview we will try to match you to the volunteer job you expressed interest in. If this isn’t possible, we try to match you to another role that suits you.
We provide you with the details of the organization offering the position or positions, days and times you would be required to work and the location of the role. We also send the organisation confirmation that you have been referred to them. You would then contact via phone the contact person to find out further information about the role and the organisation.

6. Contact the not-for-profit organisation

When we refer you to an organisation we give you their contact details and send them yours. You should contact the organisation as soon as possible to express your interest in the position and to arrange a suitable time for your face-to-face interview with the organisation.