The Centre for Volunteering is committed to promoting and supporting youth and student volunteering in NSW through:

  • Ongoing identification and advancement of youth volunteering opportunities and initiatives
    Presentation to Joshua Osbourne (left) from Emily Smith (centre) and Paula Duncan AM (right).

    L-R 2015 NSW Youth Volunteer of the Year – Joshua Osbourne (left), 2014 NSW Youth Volunteer of the Year – Emily Smith (centre) and Paula Duncan AM (right).

  • Education and provision of resources to Volunteer Involving Organisations proving  support and enhancing their capacity, willingness and ability to engage young people as volunteers, and
  • Education and resourcing of educational facilities to support student volunteering initiatives

The Centre for Volunteering aims through its youth and student volunteering initiatives to:

  • Promote community awareness and educate young people about volunteering
  • Encourage an ongoing commitment to community participation through volunteering
  • Create a bridge between young people and the volunteering sector, and
  • Ensure a continuing relationship between educational facilities, their students, volunteer-involving organisations and the community.

Could your organisation benefit from engaging volunteers with masses of energy, and enthusiasm; individuals and groups with fresh ideas and varied skills to help with particular volunteer tasks or projects?

The Centre for Volunteering can help to put you in touch with individual or groups of young people who are keen to get involved and contribute to their community in a volunteer capacity.

The Centre for Volunteering also runs networking events and workshops throughout the year in support of youth and student volunteering.

If you are an educational facility, The Centre for Volunteering can organise an Introduction to Volunteering session for your students.

For more information please contact us at and you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter