Corporate Teams

Are your employees, and is your company, ready to make a difference?

The Centre for Volunteering Corporate Program can help your organisation with a variety of services.  We can:

  • Provide a range of corporate volunteering opportunities, from one off events, annual calendars, skilled volunteering positions to in-house programs,
  • Assist you to plan and organise the project using our opportunities where appropriate,
  • Coordinate with the not-for-profit community partner to ensure your day goes smoothly,
  • Help you understand and measure impact with reports and feedback, and
  • Share information and ideas with other companies through our network.

The Centre will tailor a program specifically for your corporation by:

  • Contacting you to discuss the objectives of your program
  • Sourcing potential partners and activities that fit your objectives
  • Recommending how your employees might participate with those activities
  • Facilitating introductions and placement of your employees in suitable activities with not-for-profit partner/s
  • Providing follow-up evaluation after the event for all parties.

Helping you develop your Corporate Volunteering Program

The Centre for Volunteering (The Centre) is the peak body in NSW promoting and supporting volunteering and community participation. The Centre therefore encourages the participation in volunteering by the business sector through employee volunteering programs which link businesses to not-for-profit partners.

Increasingly many corporations are developing Corporate Volunteering Programs  for their employees as one way to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility. The benefits include:

  • Improved corporate and brand visibility
  • Enhanced public perception and credibility of your corporation as socially l responsible
  • Increased community awareness, involvement and understanding
  • Enhanced communication, staff morale and team-work
  • Helping foster inter-departmental cohesion by creating a shared sense of purpose and loyalty.
  • Contributing – giving back – to the community in which you operate.

The Centre can assist you and your team in developing a program. Using our extensive knowledge and links with the not-for-profit community, The Centre can match your corporation with a suitable partner/s and facilitate your employees to volunteer their time in a structured way with measurable outcomes.  For further information please contact us.

Please note, we are a fee for service program.  If you do not have a budget to spend on corporate events subscribe to our events newsletter or go to NSW Volunteering to find out about regular volunteering or special event opportunities for your team.

Corporate Services Fee Structure 

The Centre is funded by State and Federal Governments to support and provide services to not-for-profit organisations in their need to engage and manage volunteers.  While the Government also encourages Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Volunteering Programs, it does not provide funds to support such programs. The Centre can therefore only provide this service on a fee for service basis. Fees are as follows:

Networking events Attendance at our monthly networking events $25 per person per event$150 for annual package

1 attendee for 10 events (Feb-Nov)

Event promotion To promote an event through The Centre for Volunteering mailing list $400 per mail out
Corporate Volunteer event placement – small 1 event for up to 10 participantsMatch one group of corporate volunteers to a NFP project with minimal admin support $500 per event
Corporate Volunteer event placement – large 1 event for 11-25 participantsMatch one group of corporate volunteers to a NFP project with minimal admin support $700 per event
Corporate Volunteer event placement – major 1 event for more than 25 participantsMatch one group of corporate volunteers to a NFP project with minimal admin support $Negotiable
Corporate Volunteer event placement – Multiple For organisations that have one day or week of group volunteering projects as part of a global community day. Includes management of multiple group volunteer events on one day or week. $Negotiable
Corporate Volunteering partner Embedding the service of The Centre for Volunteering over a 12 month period to manage a calendar of group volunteer events, provide liaison and admin support required to execute the events and program advice. Includes up to 8 events with a max of 25 volunteers per event. $5000
Skilled Volunteering placements Matching skilled volunteers from corporations to Not for Profit organisations. $Negotiable
Corporate Volunteering consultancy Consultancy service to corporations seeking advice on how to set up their corporate volunteering program. From $100 per hour
Range of specialist services Includes bespoke training, review and/or design of volunteering programs, delivering tailored seminars/events/training for your organisation and more. $negotiable

For further information please contact us.