Highly Skilled Volunteers and Cultural Diversity (2008)
August 31, 2013
Coca Cola gets to work on volunteer projects
March 25, 2014

Corporate volunteering: Connecting People, Participation & Performance

The purpose of this report was to assess the factors that contribute to participation in corporate volunteering and to corporate volunteers
employee engagement. This research was undertaken as part of the MGSM CSR Partnership Network collaboration, funded by the lead sponsor Johnson & Johnson. Over 4,000 employees from our partner organisations contributed to this project by providing survey responses.

Key Findings:

  • Up to 90% of the 4,127 employees surveyed were aware of corporate volunteering options and up to 60% participated in corporate volunteering in the last 12 months
  • The number one ‘very important’ reason given for participating in corporate volunteering was ‘it makes work more meaningful’.
  • Corporate volunteers were very satisfied with their volunteering experience (83% satisfied), very likely to continue (87%) and very likely to recommend it to their friends (75%).
  • 90% of volunteers indicated that ‘feeling that we are doing something meaningful’ would impact their decision to continue in the future, followed by ‘making a real difference in the community’ (87%).
  • The most common barriers were ‘not being asked’ (38%), ‘being too busy’ (36%), ‘preferring to
    volunteer privately’ (31%) and ‘preferring to donate money than to volunteer’ (21%).
  • However, 60% of non-volunteers indicated they are ‘likely to join in the future if they would only be given the right opportunities’.

For the entire report download here

Who is the MGSM CSR Partnership?

The MGSM CSR Partnership Network is based on a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectorial collaboration and includes selected Australian companies, not-for-profit organisations and governmental departments known for their CSR initiatives. In 2013, members include Johnson & Johnson Medical, Johnson & Johnson Pacific, Janssen, the NAB, PwC, IBM, AMP, Qantas, Brookfield Johnson Controls, the Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the NSW Department of Citizenship, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity Australia and the NSW Centre for Volunteering.