Sydney Outer West – Blue Mountains #VNSWA16 Photo Gallery
October 31, 2016
Murray #VNSWA16 Photo Gallery
November 1, 2016

Let’s celebrate our volunteer managers!

November 5 has been designated as International Volunteer Managers Day #IVMDay16.

Since 1999 it aims to highlight that:

  1. Volunteer Managers have the skills and knowledge to help people be part of the solution in meeting community needs. Even in cynical times, they practice the art of the possible.
  2. Volunteer Managers change lives — both the lives of volunteers themselves and of those served by well-led volunteers. It is a life-changing profession. Volunteer managers provide the leadership and direction that allows people to build a good and just society and to mend the social fabric. Without professional leadership, people’s time, talents and efforts could be wasted.
  3. A well-run volunteer program shows the community, including potential donors, that the organisation is not afraid of public scrutiny and involvement and endeavours to make the most efficient use of monetary assets.
  4. Well-led volunteers become an advocacy and public relations force for an agency or program — a force no amount of money could buy.

In 2016, we focus on how volunteer managers cover a range of roles in their every-day job with the theme of “One Job. Many Hats”.

As such, let’s take time out to thank our volunteer managers for what they do to make volunteering a success for organisations across New South Wales!

If you want to shout it out through social media you can download any of the following official images by right-clicking on the image and choose the save image as’ option in the menu or download all images from this zip file

Courtesy: & Volunteering Queensland

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