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Become a Volunteer
Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is as diverse as the huge number of Australians currently involved. And what's the best way to decide how to get involved? First consider what you'd like to achieve.

Volunteer Referral Service
Do you want to acquire new skills? Meet new people? Put your talents to good use? Or try out new career options? We can help you find volunteer opportunities that match your interests, skills or values. We look forward to helping find you a volunteer position.
Volunteer Jobs - Count me in!

Search all of The Centre for Volunteering's volunteer jobs in one place – visit GoVolunteer. Alternatively, if you are a skilled, experienced volunteer, The Centre for Volunteering's Fido Skilled Volunteering lists the latest volunteering jobs.

Youth Volunteering

Are you a young person seeking volunteer opportunities? Check out the youth volunteering section of our website. This section has general information and a downloadable information sheet to guide you in finding volunteer opportunities for young people!

All About Volunteering
How volunteering strengthens communities – and benefits individuals: read all about volunteering. Also, find answers to commonly asked questions about volunteering.

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