Sandra McDonald

Founder: Beautiful Minds

I volunteer because I want to transform inpatient mental health facilities across the nation into places that can fully support mental health recovery.

Gayle Murphy

Chair, Murrumbidgee Local Health District
Chair, Narrandra Stadium Committee
Member, Narrandra Koala Regeneration Committee

I volunteer because I am part of a resilient community, whatever we want we have to pull together and do it ourselves.
There are no second helpings handed to you - and that brings the community together. I have a wonderful job - I get to dust the tiger moth!

Dr. David Digges

Co-Founder of National Dental Foundation
2016 NSW Volunteer of the Year

I volunteer because when you restore a person's smile you are helping them make a fresh start in life.
They can face the world - families, friends, employers, co-workers with renewed self-esteem and dignity. A lot of dentists are caring people, and happy to assist and the Foundation provides the pathway to volunteering without the Admin headaches.
I developed the Foundation so they can focus on what they do best.

Chris Bond

Macquarie Bank
Mentor - Raise Foundation

I volunteer because it gives me social purpose and improves the wellbeing of young people in our community by empowering them to become resilient, capable and connected.

Ben Fordham


I volunteer because a long time ago I met a someone much younger than me who had not only been involved in a charity but had started a charity. I volunteer because I felt guilty about not volunteering. I'm inspired by people who volunteer a lot more than I do.

Ben Matthews

Volunteer Life Saver
Volunteer Fire Fighter
Motivational Speaker and mentor to kids with disabilities

I volunteer to follow my dreams, break down stereotypes and help others realise their potential.
I volunteer because I can!
I have cerebral palsy and I love to be active and work as part of a team. I love the surf and growing up by the beach, I learned from many fine mentors. I am a volunteer Life-Saver, a volunteer Fire Fighter, a motivational speaker and a mentor.
These activities give me an opportunity to give back to the community which has given me so much... and i love it!

By taking an active part in my community, and by sharing my experiences with young people, I hope to help the realize their potential.

Pauline Wright

The 5 Lands Walk
NSW Council for Civil Liberties
Surf Life Saving

I volunteer because it connects people to each other, so everyone feels part of a broader community that cares. A little time is something everyone can give to better the world we live in.

Joy Patton

Youth Off The Streets

I volunteer because seeing the progress of the young people we help gives me strength too.
Volunteering has taught me to not be judgemental of other people. What they have been able to achieve despite their difficulties in life is wonderful and we always give them encouragement.

Davinder Mann


At Salesforce, we volunteer because making a positive contribution to the community in which we live and work is a huge priority for us.
Volunteering is a part of who we are as a company.

Holly Pender

Palygroup Co-Ordinator
Community Care Refugee Program
Parra Parents Website
Pheobe House

I volunteer because I want my children to grow up seeing the difference you can make in other people's lives.

Anita Ho

Buddha Light International Association
International Buddist Association of Australia

I volunteer because I feel great when I help others when they need us.

Tamana Mizrada

Shakti Migrant and Refugee Women's Support Group

I volunteer because I want to provide the services I needed growing up to people now.

David Brettell

Basketball NSW
Chris O‘Brien lifehouse
Northcott disability services

I volunteer because I want to contribute to commuity life and to gain personal value, warmth and satisfaction. Giving is living

Jamal Idris

Wests Tigers
Vounteers with homeless causes, junior sporting teams.
Feeding the homeless, donating his time and merchandise at a number of different organisations and events as well as regularly helping with junior sporting teams, both locally and regionally.

I volunteer because it enables me to give back to the community and it gives me perspective in my life. It honestly helps me as much as it does the people that I am able to impact on

Owen Torr

Harpist and Teacher
"Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, My role at Lifehouse:

I play background music on the harp in the lobby of Lifehouse. Although my role is as a musician who provides a relaxing area for patients and carers, I'm often spending my time engaged in conversation with patients who simply want to chat. I was trained to teach music K-12 so I find that I'm drawing on my teaching experience to engage in what could be diversion therapy. Many of the patients who listen to me are waiting for results, and it must be really scary for them, I just hope that my music can make the journey a little easier.

I volunteer because in this life journey together, and the things that bind us are greater than the things that divide us. My parents received OAMs for volunteer work, and their volunteering made me understand that I have responsibilities to use and share my abilities to make life better for those who are not as fortunate as me.

Holly Johnson

Jindera Gardens UPA (aged care)
Amnesty International
T-ball coach
Student Volunteer of the year

" I volunteer because I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives and I’m a genuinely happier, healthier person (I’ve even been told I’ve grown nicer and more approachable nowadays).
I volunteered initially to improve my mental health and social skills. I had panic attacks often and I couldn’t speak to strangers- hated people! I soon became isolated due to my lack of social skills. I realised there had to be a change. I knew volunteering at a nursing home would take me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to speak to the residents. Now I’ve been volunteering for over a year, it’s hard to keep quiet. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives and I’m a genuinely happier, healthier person (I’ve even been told I’ve grown nicer and more approachable nowadays). I’d highly recommend volunteering to anyone in a similar situation to which I was in not too long ago. It sounds clichéd but it’s true- making people happy will make you happy.
I volunteer because I love people,"

Sigrid Cornelio

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

I volunteer because volunteering is a happy postive environment and it's enriching. I had a car accident and spent a long time in hospital so I understand the patient experience and I am very approachable. I had to start my life all over and I like to talk with the patients and spend time with them. I help organise the art therapy program.

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